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Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

by Matt on June 26, 2017

Our plumbing almost always breaks down when we are at our busiest. It clogs and backs up as we are about to get to work. You notice a smell from the drain just when you're having friends over. The basement suddenly floods when you're about to go on vacation. Is there anything homeowners and business owners can do to stop this inconvenience?

There's a way to prevent all this from happening. Scheduling a timely sewer camera inspection can pre-empt the issue and turn the plumbing problem on its head.

Here are 7 benefits of a sewer camera inspection:

1. Accurate Diagnostic Procedure

Property owners will be shown a real-time feed from the camera that's fed underground. This means you'll see what's causing any sewer problem and its location, no matter how many turns and twists it takes to get there. Cole Plumbing will tell you exactly what the issue is and where it is.

2. No Digging Involved

Trenchless technology makes all that is tedious and difficult in sewer problems better. Instead of having to excavate your whole yard, only a small entry point  is needed for the advanced camera to take a peek at any possible sewer problem you may have.

3. Less Labor Costs

The traditional inspection process requires a bit of luck involving a trial and error process of finding where the problem pipe lies. Trenchless technology saves you the trouble of assembling an army of heavy machinery and contractors to try and locate the source. All it takes is a few of our qualified technicians and a few hours to complete this innovative method.

4. Time Efficiency

The no-dig solution means we spend less time doing the camera inspection. In the same vein, trenchless technology saves you invaluable repair and replacement time. Would you believe it only takes a few hours for the whole replacement to be finished?

A final video inspection is also carried out to make sure the replacement pipe is working and in place. The new material lasts long such that you won't keep calling to have technicians fixing the same issue years or even weeks later.

5. Purchasing Decision

Planning to purchase a property? Scheduling for a sewer camera inspection is a great first step. Seeing the state of a home's plumbing is essential towards making an informed decision and assessing its overall value.

6. Service Integration

Our technicians check the physical location of your sewer system, the entire length and depth. It's recorded and is usually stored as a reference for later repairs. If you have one, then the yearly inspection becomes faster and easier.

7. Preventive Maintenance

A sewer camera inspection is the best solution in preventing future catastrophic plumbing issues. For example, if you've noticed constant patches of water in your yard, it's best to have your pipes inspected by a qualified technician. It’s almost certain tiny leaks will get bigger and bigger in time. A camera inspection will be carried out to see the extent of your system's pipe damage.

Cole Plumbing Inc. will spot the smallest sewer line problems before they develop into something much more disruptive. You'll get fair pricing, quality work and a thorough sewer inspection that leaves nothing to chance.

The Virtues of Trenchless Pipe Repair

by Matt on May 31, 2017

Pipe repairing is one of those things that you would think are impossible to do gracefully. The typical way to reach an underground pipe is by digging, and with that excavation comes a big problem: a mess.

At Cole Plumbing we think we can give our customers something better. And the only way to improve the process of repairing a pipe is by removing the biggest problem: the excavation. If we remove that, you don’t have to deal with disgusting smells or having to destroy and restore your yard or driveway.

That is why we want to talk to you about the virtues of a trenchless pipe repair service. In short, we can renew your entire pipe system without having to make a single excavation. Instead we create a new pipe inside the old pipe at a fraction of the cost and in a matter of hours.

Here are some ways you benefit from this type of plumbing service.

There minimal to no digging involved.

The plumber only needs to break ground at a small access point leaving your daisies and tulips intact. From there, pipe repair experts work inside the pipes, exclusively underground. All the work is done without digging a “trench” in the ground, which is how the method got its name.

Seamless pipe replacements

There are only three steps to the process, which means a seamless process and less time you have to spend figuring out how to get your sewer leaks repaired without damage. First, the pipes are inspected using a video camera to assess and locate where the damage is.

Second, the old pipes are cleared out to make way for the relining.

Next, the liner is cured in place for a seamless seal inside the old pipe. The resin used in trenchless methods can withstand acidic water, unlike traditional copper piping.

Saves money

Use your money in other ways or donate it to charity because you don’t have to spend it on extra charges related to your plumbing problems!

If you have to dig up your lawn you have to think about the additional cost of restoring your lawn. In addition, all the extra digging means you need a larger crew to get the job done. With trenchless repair, there is very little digging, and less people are required to get the job done.

It’s a newer method that not many people are aware of but it is worth learning about. This amazing technology is done the right way and it keeps people at the front and center.

Cole Plumbing has rave reviews and those reviews are important to us. We know that sometimes you experience a plumbing emergency and are forced to pick someone who pops up first on a Google search or is closest to your house. But if you do the right research or take preventative measures in order to prevent plumbing issues, we would love to help you and do it right the first time.

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