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3 Causes of a Slow Flushing Toilet

Slow-Flushing Toilet a Problem?

[A slow flushing toilet is an unsightly and annoying problem]1 in your Montgomery, AL home. There are three potential causes of a slow-flushing toilet. These are:

  • Mineral build-up in water supply
  • Clogged water jets under the toilet rim
  • Improper toilet installation

Mineral Build-up in Water Supply

Montgomery Toilet Repair Services

Each residence and business receives its supply of pre-treated water from a local water treatment plant. Local water may be high in calcium, iron or other trace mineral deposits.

During water treatment, more chemicals are added to insure water potability. Often, mineral deposits build up inside the toilet tank and on internal parts like the float, flapper, flush valve and internal walls of the toilet tank. As build-up increases, the original efficiency of the toilet decreases with each flush.

Clogged Water Jets

Today’s newer model toilets have water jets just under the rim. In older toilets, the water supply tube provides sufficient water replacement to the tank. When these water jets or the water supply tube becomes clogged, the toilet flushes slower.

Improper Toilet Installation

The wax seal at the base of the toilet should be professionally installed. However, these wax seals do require replacing over time in order to prevent a leak. An improperly installed trap may also clog, causing a slow flushing toilet.

Three Best Remedies for Slow Flushing Toilets

There are really only three best remedies for slow flushing toilets. The first is a licensed professional plumber. The second is a plumbing expert with an excellent reputation and the third is a plumbing professional, who has earned the trust and confidence of his customers.

DIY is not an option where plumbing is concerned. The end result of DIY attempts only increase the cost of plumbing repairs and make the problem worse than it was. The best remedy is to choose a licensed professional plumber with the expertise to perform a thorough inspection of the toilet, make recommendations and provide a basic estimate of costs.

Don’t Delay, Contact Your Plumber Today

It’s best not to delay contacting a plumbing service. By delaying service for a slow flushing toilet, other toilet parts must compensate for the damaged or malfunctioning part. It’s easy to see the ripple effect of potential repairs, should long delays occur.

Take the Guess Work out of Slow Flushing Toilets

Every home or business that has a problem with slow flushing toilets can take the guess work out of the source of the problem. An experienced plumber gets to the heart of the trouble immediately.

Your Montgomery toilet issues can be a nuisance. Call Cole Plumbing at (334) 279-8919 today, and let’s get your toilet back to its flushing state!

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