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Avoid a Clogged Toilet!

Reasons Behind a Clogged Toilet

The toilet is a major part of our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately many foreign objects are placed in them on a daily basis. This can result in clogged toilet repairs. It can also result in wasting water and causing problems for water treatment plants. Toilets and drain systems are designed for toilet paper and human waste. Listed below are items that contribute to toilets being clogged:

Cotton Based Products that cause Toilet Clogs

Tampons and Sanitary Napkins. Even though sanitary napkins and tampons are relatively compact, these products can contribute to toilet clogs. It is estimated that the majority of toilet backups are caused by sanitary products placed in the toilet. Sanitary products are primarily made of cotton which does not breakdown easily in water. Sanitary products also have the propensity to snag on cracks in pipe linings which eventually traps debris and causes clogs.

Cotton Balls, Swabs and Q-tips. These common bathroom products may seem like acceptable items to place in the toilet. However, these relatively small products can cause havoc in pipelines. Q-tips easily get lodged in pipelines trapping other items and debris contributing to clogs.

Cigarette Butts. The small size of cigarette butts is deceptive enough for most people to think they can flush them down the toilet. However, this is the worst thing for your toilet. Cigarette filters are intricate cylinders of woven cotton that does not breakdown easily in water. If a lot of cigarettes are flushed down the toilet over time, it can result in costly repairs.

Plastic Based Products to Never Flush

  • Condoms. Do you know what is considered kryptonite to the toilet? Condoms. These latex prophylactics will not break down in water any time soon. They are best disposed of in the trash.

  • Dental Floss. Despite the small structure of dental floss it is a major reason for clogged toilet pipes. Most dental floss is not biodegradable. They are made of synthetic compounds, nylon, Teflon and other fibers. Dental floss also gets trapped easily in plumbing lines, collecting debris and resulting in a tangled mess.

  • Band Aids. Band Aids are made from non-biodegradable plastics and should never be flushed down the toilet. Even bandages made from cloth should be disposed of in the trash.

  • Disposable Diapers. Some people make the assumption that because diapers contain waste, that it must be okay to flush them down the toilet. This is a very wrong and costly assumption. Diapers are made of plastic composites that expand when exposed to water. If it makes it down the drain it is almost certain to get caught in the u-bend and cause major clogs.

Other Products to Never Flush

  • Paper Towels. Many people think that paper towels and toilet paper break down the same way in water. This is simply not true. Paper towels are made of durable materials. Just a few sheets of paper towels in the toilet can result in annoying clogs.

  • Hair. People assume that because hair is part of the human body, it is okay to flush it down the toilet. Quite the contrary, hair is a huge culprit for causing toilet clogs. They get tangled easily and form giant hair balls trapping debris and causing disastrous blockages.

  • Cat Litter. Some individuals use the toilet to dispose of animal waste (which is not recommended because animal waste contains toxins and parasites that can contaminate the water system). However, when cat litter is included in scoops of waste it can cause serious clogs. Cat litter is made of clay and sand. These items will build-up in pipelines over time.

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