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Be Sure to Drain Your Water Heater Properly

How to Drain Your Water Heater

Every appliance needs a little bit of maintenance every now and then to keep it working, and water heaters are no exception. Draining your water heater may take a little bit of effort, but it can solve a lot of problems before they start.

Why Does It Need Draining?

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The water that goes into your Montgomery home heater is not completely pure. It also includes some minerals and other sediment, and although the precise quantity will vary from place to place, very few water sources have no minerals in them.

That debris can build up in the water heater over time, and too much of it will interfere with the heating element and stop your heater from doing its job.

It can also clog the system and stop the flow of water through your Montgomery home pipes entirely.

Draining the heater will flush those debris out of the system and stop them from building up and causing problems.

How Do I Drain It?

Draining a water heater takes some time and effort. For safety, it’s important to make sure that the heater is turned off before you do any work on it. The first step is to make sure that the heater’s pressure release valve is working properly.

Put a bucket under the valve to make sure that it does not make a mess, and then open it up. If you hear air escaping or see a little water come out, then the valve is working. If the valve is broke, you will need to get it replaced.

The next step is to attach a hose to the heater’s drain and make sure that the other end runs somewhere that can get wet. Turn on all of the hot water faucets in your house, and then open the heater’s drain valve.

Give the tank enough time to drain completely, and then turn on the water supply to make sure that the sediment has not clogged the system. If everything seems to be working, you can close all of the valves and let the tank fill up again.

How Often Should I Drain It?

Water heaters should be drained regularly, but the precise frequency will vary depending on the type of heater and how often people use it.

The more it gets used, the more often it should get drained. Most heaters should be drained once or twice a year, and most heaters will come with a manual that gives advice for a specific model.

If you’re having trouble with your water heater in your Montgomery, AL home, then call Cole Plumbing at (334) 408-2636 to have your problem solved.

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