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Benefits Of Potable Water Pipe Lining

Things to know about Epoxy Pipe Lining

Montgomery Epoxy Pipe LiningPotable water pipe lines that have reached the end of their lifespan will begin to leak and lose water pressure. One option is to replace them, while another is to restore them with an epoxy lining. Applying an epoxy lining is an in-place pipe restoration technique that has many benefits.

The first benefit is the simplicity of the process. Potable water lines can be treated without ripping out walls, foundations, or tearing up yards to gain access to the pipes. All that is needed are entry points where air lines can be connected to the water pipes to be lined. Hot, filtered air is then used to dry the lines. Next, metallic sand is passed through the lines to clean out any corrosion build up. Finally, the epoxy lining is applied to coat the inside of the pipes. This makes the process cleaner, faster and less invasive than replacing the pipes in a home.

The second major benefit is its reduced cost. Since no major demolition is required, and no new piping material is being purchased, labor and materials cost are greatly reduced over replacement. The cost of the epoxy, and the labor required to apply it to the water lines, are the bulk of the cost. Typically, lining water pipes with epoxy can save 20–60% over replacement.

Lining potable water pipes also helps to prevent corrosion in the future. The epoxy lining used is environmentally friendly and protects the metal pipes from further damage. Replacement pipes will begin to corrode as soon as the water is turned back on.

Finally, lining potable water lines can be performed in most cases. The epoxy lining can be applied to all types of metal pipes located both above and below ground. It can be used in large and small diameter pipes and for lengths up to 1,000 feet.

Are your Montgomery home’s drain and sewer lines corroded? Call us at (334) 279-8919 to learn about the benefits of potable epoxy water pipe lining!

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