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Do You Need a Sump Pump?

Flood Damaged Home

Protect Your Home with a Sump Pump

Many basements have a sump basin that collects water from various sources such as rain, melted snow, and ground water. Sometimes there are drains built to channel the extra flow into the basin.

Anytime there is an accumulation of water in a sump basin, a good sump pump is needed to expel the excess moisture. The water may be pumped out into a retention pond, storm drain, sewage system, or dry well.

Moisture buildup is very harmful to a buildings structural integrity, so a well-functioning sump pump is essential to the integrity and lifespan of a home.

Sump pumps can:

  • Keep your basement dry and free of mold and mild
  • Protect the foundation of your home
  • Raise your property value
  • Keep your possessions safe from moisture damage

Types of Sump Pumps 

There are pedestal, submersible, water powered, and floor suckered varieties.

  • A pedestal pump is an electric pump that activates when the water reaches a certain level. This is called a “critical” level. Pumps are built to turn on when water reaches a certain pressure point.

  • Submersible pumps are similar to pedestal pumps. They activate based on water level but they are installed under water. They make less noise and cost more than pedestal pumps.

  • A water powered pump is not electrical. It pumps based on the water pressure it is set into. This type of pump is good to have during a power outage. Floor sucker pumps can be manually operated in places that do not have a basin built in. This style may be utilized in an emergency situation.

Overall, a pump made of cast iron will last longer than a plastic made pump. The average life span of a plastic pump is around seven years. This is good information when determining whether to invest in one based on length of service. A good quality submersible cast iron pump will last the longest and may be the best investment for a home owner.

Sump Pump Services

flooding bathroom

Keeping the sump pump in working order is vital for a well managed mold free home and basement. In some cases the pump makes sure that no flooding occurs. A plumber can fix multiple issues with a non working unit.

A motor can burn out or get dirty and need a professional cleaning. The pump may need to be replaced or reinstalled. Regular maintenance and checkups to make sure a sump pump is working correctly is highly recommended by experts.

Hindsight is always 2020. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your home! To install, service, or repair a sump pump in your Montgomery home, call the experts of Cole Plumbing at (334) 279-8919.

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