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Do Yourself a Favor, Stop Flushing These 5 Things

Toilet Clogs: 5 Common Causes of Toilet Clogs and How to Prevent Them

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A Common, Annoying Problem

[Toilet clogs]1 are a common plumbing issue faced by renters and homeowners. Preventing clogged toilets may seem like a plumber’s secret, but it’s not. Learn more about the common causes for clogged toilets and how you can prevent them.

Toilet Clogs and Their Five Common Causes

Stuffing and Partial Blockage:

High at the top of the list for common toilet clog causes are stuffing and partial clogs. Placing too much toilet paper in the toilet before flushing can quickly lead to a clog and an overflowing toilet. Likewise, a partial clog due to toys or other objects accidentally getting flushed down the toilet is also a common cause.

Flushing the Wrong Items:

Some products used in the bathroom were not made to be flushed down the toilet. Despite signs in public bathrooms and instructions on packages, people still try to flush feminine products or diapers down the toilet. More than likely, doing so will lead to a serious clog.

Pipe Collapse or Blockage:

Older homes are especially susceptible to pipes decaying and collapsing. When this occurs near the toilet, it can result in pipe blockage and a clogged toilet. Growing tree roots that invade plumbing can also lead to blocked pipes.

Water Pressure Problems:

When the toilet is flushed, the pressure of the water moves waste and toilet paper through the pipes. A problem with the water pressure can adversely impact the system’s ability to fully clear. This results in a slow buildup within the pipe, leading to an eventual clog.

Overuse: Montgomery Plumber

Plumbers are frequently busier after Thanksgiving when the toilet is used with greater frequency than normal. Knowing that overuse can lead to a clog, you can be proactive by flushing more frequently (the courtesy flush) and being careful not to overuse toilet paper.

Preventing and Dealing with a Clogged Toilet

From a plumber’s perspective, clogged toilets should be pretty easy to avoid. But we all know they happen, therefore, it’s important to know what commonly causes a clogged toilet.

Should you find yourself dealing with a clogged toilet that doesn’t respond to plunging, it’s best to call a plumber. In some cases, trying to remove the clog yourself can actually make the situation worse. A plumber’s knowledge and expertise can get your toilet in working order without leading to further damage.

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