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Fix Roots in Your Sewer Pipes & Repair Sewer line Without Killing Trees in Montgomery.

Sewer Pipes & Repair Sewer

If you have ever had problems with your sewer pipes and tree roots you know how frustrating this can be. In many cases, homeowners attack the roots, even if that means destroying the tree itself. Though this may be a simple solution for some, this method can be problematic for homeowners who would actually like to preserve their tree. What most people may not realize is that you don’t necessarily have to cut the tree down in order to solve your sewer problems. Yes, it’s possible to save your pipes without having to do away with the tree itself. So if you are someone who would like to fix roots in your [sewer pipes & repair sewer line]2 without killing trees in Montgomery, then read on.

The Cause

Roots of a tree are attracted to water vapors which have escaped through loose joints or cracks in your sewer pipes. They move towards and eventually penetrate those joints and cracks and any other opening. Once in the sewer pipe, they begin to feed off of the water and grow inside of the pipe–even during the winter months when your trees are dormant. This causes your pipes to become clogged with grease and other materials. And it’s important to keep in mind that certain materials are more susceptible to root intrusion than are others because the joints may not be as tightly fitted. With time, most material becomes more vulnerable to this type of intrusion.

The Solution

The key to solving tree root problems without having to cut down the tree is using trenchless methods. Trenchless sewer repair gives professionals the ability to address a problem without actually have to dig up your yard. Not only can they do it without having to go underground but your old pipes will be replaced with one that is practically tree root proof and lasts for a very long time.

How It Works

Professionals use certain tools in order to clean and remove all of the obstructions. They also use techniques such as pipe relining and bursting to replace or repair your old pipe. Professionals can complete the job all at once, within a few hours time or in smaller intervals depending on your schedule. Once complete, you will barely notice where the work has been done. This process has been around for over 10 years and is relatively affordable in comparison to an excavation.

Why It Works

Trenchless professionals offer plastic pipes which are much more sturdy than the traditional clay and iron pipes. In fact, manufacturers have concluded that your new pipelines should last as long as a century. Unlike a lot of pipe materials today, this type of plastic is impervious to the damage that roots impose.

The Takeaway

Why destroy you tree when you can simply employ trenchless repair to get a permanent solution to the problem? Not only is it affordable, but it does not take a significant amount of time and clean up is minimal if at all. If you live in Montgomery and are looking for ways to repair your sewer without killing the tree, then do a little research on trenchless repair.

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