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Follow the 2016 Bathroom Trends

As people start to settle into another new year, there are plenty of changes ahead of them. Some of those changes will occur in their Montgomery homes, with numerous design and renovation projects being planned.

Montgomery, AL 2016 Bathroom Annual Trends

While many areas of a Montgomery home can be renovated, it is the bathroom that has emerged as the room getting the most attention in 2016.

Whether it’s having fixtures installed that are much more water-efficient or adding a luxury or two in the shower, it’s clear the emphasis in today’s bathrooms is on style and practicality.

If you’re planning some big changes to your bathroom in 2016, here are some of the top trends to watch for in bathrooms near you.

Shower Seats

No longer just something for older folks or those who have physical limitations, shower seats are now being viewed as a luxury in many bathrooms. After all, what better way for a person who has worked a long day or had to get up early for work to shower than to be able to sit down while doing so?

In addition, the shower seat can also be helpful when trying to do other tasks in the shower, such as shampooing one’s hair or shaving. Whatever the case may be, the shower seat will be one very big trend in 2016.

Low-Flow Toilets

If you’ve got a toilet in your bathroom that was manufactured prior to 1993, chances are you’re wasting lots of water with each flush. These toilets, which use nearly four gallons of water per flush, are expected to be replaced in 2016 with models that use less than one gallon per flush.

Not only does this increase their efficiency, but also results in tremendous savings on monthly water bills.

Heated Floor

If you want to step onto a floor that is warm and helps to dry out the bathroom quicker by eliminating much of the moisture and humidity, then having a heated floor installed is a great option for your bathroom.

Expected to be perhaps the most popular design trend for 2016, it’s a luxury that in recent years has become much more affordable.

If you’d like to have a heated floor or other luxury installed in your Montgomery, AL bathroom, then please call Cole Plumbing, Inc. today at (334) 408-2636. When you do, the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of will indeed become reality.

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