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Garbage Disposal Care for the Fall Season

Keys To A Better Functioning Garbage Disposal

Introduction: Garage Disposal Care

Fall is here! The temperature is cooler and more people are taking advantage of that fact to get some cooking and baking done! Fall means warm desserts, hot soups, and hearty home-cooked meals.

Not only will the kitchen be working overtime but that means the garbage disposa will be working overtime. There are some helpful tips though to keep the garbage disposal functioning smoothly.

Running The Garbage Disposal

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First, one simple step that everyone can do is to run their garbage disposal on a regular basis. Every few days a person should run their garbage disposal with cold water. This will ensure that it keeps working possible. Running the garbage disposal prevents it from freezing up which is something to keep in mind as the temperature continues to cool off.

Running the garbage disposal also prevents against rust and corrosion. One big problem many people have is that their garbage disposal can emit a funky smell. This is from food being left inside of that has hardened. Running the disposal will remove the food and therefore the odors. Plus, this will prevent any clogs.

Moderation Is Key

Secondly, it’s important to keep in mind that a garbage disposal is just a small device with a lower powered blade and motor. People tend to forget this and put large amounts of waste down it. This can lead to the disposal getting clogged. In order to prevent this, a person should cut up large chunks of food first. This will help the food to go down with ease and prevent any buildup or clogs.

Avoid scraping large amounts of food down the disposal. Instead, do a little at a time. This is extra work but it’s worth it. Doing this step will improve the longevity of the garbage disposal. There are also foods to avoid all together.

Bones are too tough on the blades of the garbage disposal and can cause problems. Food that expands such as rice and pasta are also good to avoid. Those can expand when wet and stick to the sides of the disposal which can lead to clogs.

Think Cold Water And Longer Flush Times

Many people do not know that cold water is what should be used. People automatically think hot water is best in most situations. That’s not the case. Also, even though it seems that all the food might be ground up and disposed of, go that extra step. Continue running the water for a few minutes afterwards to ensure that everything has been disposed of.


These are simple steps to keep in mind. They don’t require much thought or work. Even though they are simple, they are surely to improve the life and the quality of a garbage disposal over time.

Time to get your Montgomery home garbage disposal ready for the holiday season. Call Cole Plumbing at (334) 279-8919 today.

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