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Harmful Effects of a Clogged Drain

clogged drain

Your plumbing system is tasked with dispensing clean drinking water and transporting waste out of the property and into the municipal sewer system. With such a vital role, it’s not a stretch to say that the condition of your plumbing, specifically of your drains, can affect the health of your household. Simply put, restricted water flow due to a clogged drain can be detrimental to your health and comfort. 

As your trusted provider of quality drain cleaning in Birmingham, AL, Cole Plumbing lists some of the harmful effects that can result from a clogged drain.

Health Risks

When waste materials and debris build up in your pipes, they create a conducive environment for bacteria growth. This could lead to water contamination which could expose you and your family to water-borne bacteria and illnesses. Contact our drain cleaning company at the first sign of clogged drains so we can help get rid of these health risks.

Compromised Comfort

Blockages in sewer drains will often cause an unpleasant smell. The smell is the result of sewage waste and stagnant water accumulating in the drains. Clearing blockages of this nature should only be handled by a professional plumber to ensure your health and safety.

Sanitation Woes

In some cases, clogged drains can cause sewer backups. This is when sewage waste finds its way back into your home and out of your drains and toilets instead of into the sewer system. This is not just unsanitary but can damage your flooring and property in general. Regular drain cleaning services can help prevent issues like this from arising.

Costly Repairs and Cleaning Services

Leaks caused by clogged drains cause structural damage and pipe breakage. The wider the extent of water damage, the costlier repairs would be. The good news is that we have services such as drain snaking that can get rid of stubborn clogs.

Cole Plumbing aims to help you keep your home clean and comfortable. Contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning appointment.

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