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Heating Your Water Tank (Correctly)

What Are The 3 Main Water Heater Regulations? And Why Are They Important?

Water Heater Basics

A water heater is something that most Montgomery homes use to get hot water on demand or by storing a certain amount of water in a tank that’s needed for use in the home. Generally, most people don’t remember or even think about the water heater unless something goes wrong or if there’s no hot water.

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Water heaters are somewhat complex, and it takes a knowledgeable plumber to install them as well as working with them to fix them. Did you know that a permit is normally required to fix or install a water heater? It’s also necessary to get a water heater that is up to code.

Important Water Heater Regulations

Energy Efficiency- The federal government regulates that water heaters must be energy efficient. As of April 2015, the standards have changed to where water heaters must be built to be even more energy-efficient, no matter if it’s an oil, gas, or electric water heater. These standards will help to allow fewer emissions to go into the atmosphere, and that’s why water heaters must strictly adhere to these regulations. You’ll see an increase in cost for your water heater repairs and replacements, but the overall cost of hot water usage can go down as much as 25% or more.

Earthquake Straps- Since an earthquake can happen anywhere and at any time, straps are normally required for water heaters, especially if they are placed in certain areas that make them more vulnerable to falling or shaking loose during an earthquake. These straps are not only for the safety of those in the home but also for the safety of those installing the water heater as well.

An Expansion Tank- This tank is necessary to relieve pressure from the water heater. A closed plumbing system will mean that it’s possible for backflow to be blocked, which can mean big problems for your water heater and home. The expansion tank can help relieve the water pressure, which not only lengthens the life of your water heater but also protects your home.

Get The Help You Need

Any time there’s a problem with your water heater your Montgomery plumber is the one who should fix it. You may or may not have a plumber assigned for your water heater problems, but you should know exactly who to call, especially if it’s an emergency situation.

Any hold ups regarding your Montgomery, AL water heater? Call Cole Plumbing at 334-408-2636 today for any of your repair or maintenance requests.

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