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Help! I Have a Gas Leak

Handling Gas Line Leaks

Gas is a great way to heat, cool, and power a home but there are also some issues that come with gas lines. For instance, leaks are far more common than you might imagine. There are ways to detect a gas line leak early on and to stop the issue before it becomes dangerous.

Signs You Have A Gas Leak

The first sign that you may have a gas leak is frequent issues with your pilot light on your furnace or stove inside the home. This could mean something as simple as a pilot light frequently going out or even flaring up or flashing back when you light it. This behavior indicates that there is an inconsistency in the amount of gas that is being supplied to your home which could mean a leak.

Another indicator that you may have a leak is a bill that fluctuates greatly from month to month. Say for instance you get a bill that is higher than you are used to, most people will cut back to compensate. Those that have a gas leak may not be able to compensate as the gas line will continue to leak regardless of use. If you see any drastic changes in your bill each month you may want to have a technician look at your gas lines.

Lastly, if you smell any strange smells you will need to get help immediately. Some homes that are outfitted with natural gas have sensors that can indicate when gas is leaking into the home. Natural gas has a sulfuric smell which is like rotten eggs and easy to spot.

Why is Repair So Important?

Montgomery Plumber There are two reasons repair is important, first and foremost, natural gas leaks in the home create suffocation and fire hazards. If you have natural gas leaking into the home and you light a match without knowing it fire can spread quickly using the gas leak as fuel. Second, natural gas leaks can also damage the systems that you have in place. The longer your gas lines leak the more likely you are to have damaged appliances and other devices that run off of gas.

What Should You do?

The most important thing to do if you suspect you have a leak is call the gas company and inform them as to what has been going on. They will likely schedule a day for a technician to come out and inspect the lines and turn off the gas until the issue is contained. If the gas company will not come, you may be able to call your local fire department or emergency services for help in containment and checking your lines.

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