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High water bill in Mountain Brook? Could be plumbing

High water bill in Mountain Brook?

Odds are you have a hidden water leak that’s secretly pumping dozens, or even hundreds, of gallons of water into an inaccessible area of your home, business, or property. These silent disasters quietly destroy foundations, create mold, rot away wooden supports, weaken soil cover, and wreak havoc on your property investment.

Costly water leaks form as incoming water lines that feed your home weaken and age. Here are some common symptoms that will reveal a pipe has a problem before you get that monster bill.

  • Your grass suddenly gets really green, but just in that one spot

If a buried water line has developed a leak, the dripping water will soak the soil and make the grass healthier. If a small patch of your lawn suddenly starts growing faster than the rest, there might be a problem below.

  • Your water pressure drops significantly

If your previously powerful massage shower head is suddenly dribbling down your back, your pipe may have developed a hole. Rather than rinsing away your suds, your water might be spraying out a pinhole leak hidden somewhere in the wall.

  • Your home develops a musty smell

Lingering moisture will encourage the growth of fungus, such as mold or mildew. If a certain area of your home or business starts to smell like damp towels, you may have a leak in the wall.

  • A piece of wall or ceiling discolors or falls

When drywall soaks with water, the paper covering deteriorates to pulp and the gypsum packing inside turns to mud. Without support, the wet section will quickly tumble, revealing a wet pipe behind.

  • Your home’s or business building’s foundation shifts

Left untreated, a long-term water leak will erode the foundation supporting your home, eventually leading to severe damage that could require major reconstruction.  If you see moisture on your home’s supporting structure even on warm, dry days, you could have a hidden water leak.

If your home or business is showing any of these common signs of a hidden water leak, you can count on Cole Plumbing to quickly and affordably repair the faulty pipe and restore your water pressure. Our technology enables us to repair pipes that are inaccessible, using existing access points to avoid expensive demolition or excavation. Rather than exposing the pipe, we insert specialized tools and repair materials that rebuild the damaged pipe from inside. This innovative epoxy pipe lining material is safe for both sewer lines and potable water lines, and it last for over fifty years.

Call Cole Plumbing To Fix The Leak In Your Mountain Brook Home’s Water Pipe Today!

Avoid an unexpectedly high water bill by spotting the telltale signs of a water leak and calling Cole Plumbing for a fast, affordable repair. Our great service and premium technology ensure reliable results. We look forward to helping you!

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