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How can I renovate my bathroom?

Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Projects That Are Best Left To Professional Plumbers

Montogmery PlumberPeople that are looking to renovate their bathrooms should really let an experienced plumber do all of the plumbing. Many times, a homeowner thinks that they can do the work themselves, and they end up having to pay more in repair costs to a plumber to fix what they broke than they would have paid to simply have a plumber do it in the first place.

[First, running new pipes in a bathroom is an art.]1 Many of the pipes are hidden behind walls and an inexperienced person would waste valuable time and money trying to locate the pipes in order to replace them. A plumber has a better overall understanding of how pipes are routed in a bathroom and they can keep the damage to walls, floors, and even ceilings to a minimum. There are many times that homeowners try to locate a pipe and end up punching holes in their drywall in order to locate a trouble pipe and hit electrical wires that could, potentially, harm them.

[Next, drain units need to be set up correctly.]1 They need a certain amount of pitch and fall in order to allow water to go to the lowest point in an area, and slip down the drain. A person that does not have the experience of a qualified plumber might think that the drain looks fine, but after using it then can quickly see that their pitch is wrong and they now have water spilling in their entire bathroom from a leaky shower stall drain. Any shower drain that requires a plumber to take out a portion of the shower stall’s floor should only be attempted by a plumber. There is far too great of a risk for leaking, and subsequent mold infestation, if a homeowner tries to repair, or replace, a floor drain by themselves. If a person takes a little bit of time out and actually thinks about all of the tasks that a plumber takes care of without causing damage to the home, and saving the customer some money, it will be clear to them to call one.

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