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How can I take care of the drains in my home?

Tips on Properly Maintaining Your Drains

Montgomery PlumberWhen you properly maintain your drains, you are essentially helping prevent many drain problems such as clogging, system wasting and rusting. Some of the potentially hazardous materials that can clog your kitchen sink drain or bath tub drains include grease, large non-easily breakable food particles and hair. Many home owners resort to using chemical treatments to revamp their pipe systems, but unfortunately, this only works in the short term. The worst thing is that some chemical compounds may prove more harmful than beneficial.

[In order to prevent clogging of the kitchen drains, avoid putting materials such as coffee grounds, hair, soap scum and cooking grease in the drains.]1 This can be easily done by establishing a regular cleaning routine of the sink drains. The cooking grease can be saved for disposal in the dump bin. You can also make use of clog-free contraptions such as the drain grate or screen to cover up the drain opening; this tremendously minimizes the proliferation of hair and soap scum deposit. The coffee grounds can be converted into a mulch pile or it can simply be disposed in the dump bin.

[The drain can be cleaned by allowing hot water to run through after every usage.]1 The hot water can also be combined with baking soda; which is a proven cleaning agent. Baking soda is a powerful absorbent of foul odors. Vinegar is also an excellent cleaning agent since it contains acetic acid that contains organic solvents, which can easily strip organic accumulation of crud in pipes or vents.

The other drain clearing cleaning agent include Lyle; this compound is immensely popular. It can easily dissolve hair and soap scum, making it easy to wash out with running water. However, Lyle should be used in moderation as instructed in the manufacturers manual. You can also use the handle snake, which is a renowned equipment for clearing toilet drains or clear-outs. In case of persistent drainage problems with the kitchen sink drain; check the garbage disposal for malfunction. If the drainage problem is persistent get assistance from a professional plumber.

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