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How DIY Drain Snaking Causes Bigger Problems


Every homeowner will, at some point, encounter problems with clogging. One effective way to deal with this type of plumbing issue is to snake the drain. However, this should be done by a professional plumber like Cole Plumbing. Otherwise, you risk causing bigger problems.

What happens when you decide to go the DIY route?

Your Plumbing Pipes Get Damaged

If you live in an older home, chances are your plumbing system including the pipes beneath are also old. When you resort to DIY snaking, you risk damaging the pipes, especially if they’re made from older materials that aren’t as sturdy as their modern counterparts. If you want the full benefits of unclogging without risking the damage to your pipes, entrust drain cleaning in Auburn, AL to a professional.

Damage to the Porcelain

Your porcelain plumbing fixtures can end up getting scratched, scraped, or can even break if you aren’t experienced at using a drain snake. Then, you’ll only be left with an unsightly mess. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll need to replace your fixtures, which will cost you more. To avoid untimely fixture replacement and the expenses that come with it, opt for professional drain cleaning services.

Improper or Inefficient Clearing

There are different types of plumbing snakes for different types of drains. If you have one for a toilet, it won’t necessarily work for the sink, bathtub, or shower. As a result, your snake may not even be able to tackle the clogged drain in question. And even if you have the right type of snake, the way you do drain snaking might not be efficient. If you’re inexperienced and can’t see what’s going on inside the drain, the clog can get pushed further down the drain and into the pipes.

Cole Plumbing is a trustworthy drain cleaning company you can call on to fix even the most stubborn clogs in your home’s drains. Contact us today.

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