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How do drain cleaners work?

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain

Montgomery Plumber Having a clogged drain is no fun. Many people will do what they think is easiest, which is to buy chemical drain cleaning solutions and to pour them down the drain. Though easy in theory, pouring chemicals down your drain can cause a lot of harm. The chemicals used in drain cleaners is very acidic and can cause harm to pipes and pipe joints. The acid can eat away at the lining of the pipes and can eventually wear down the metal and cause leaking. The drain cleaners also can back up in your sink and destroy seals in your garbage disposal.

[Chemical drain cleaning solutions are also bad for the environment.]1 When you put something down your drain, it has to go somewhere. It finds its way to the water treatment facility in your town and mixes with all the other waste water collected. This water is usually treated and put back into the drinking water system. Even though the water may be drinkable, it costs a lot more to filter out these kinds of chemicals. This is also expensive because most water treatment facilities are run on tax dollars.

By not using chemical drain cleaning solutions, you are helping to develop the healthy concept of green living. More and more people are eating organic foods and trying to eliminate the use of chemicals in their lives. By using a plumber, who will probably just snake the drain, you will break the cycle of relying on chemicals to clean or to break up clogs. These chemicals are even dangerous to have around the house. A pet or child could die from ingesting even a small portion of the chemicals. It is best to let a professional plumber snake the line and if chemicals are used by the plumber, they will probably not be as dangerous as the over the counter chemicals.

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