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How often should I have my water heater checked out?

Signs Your Water Heater Is In Need Of Repairs

Montgomery Plumber A water heater is the marvelous invention that has allowed us to enjoy hot water throughout our homes without having to heat water on the stove or over a fire. Many years ago, this was the only way people could have hot water. However, your water heater does need repair from time to time, check out how to tell when it is time to call the plumbing company for help.

The water heater not heating the water is one sign of this device needing repairs. It could even need to be replaced depending on what is wrong with it. Hot water should ideally range from 120 to 140 degrees F. If it is colder than this, first check the controls to see if they are set right. You need to call the plumbing company to come check the water heater, if the controls are set correctly and the water is still not hot enough. This could be a sign that certain parts need replacing.

[Rusty water coming from your hot water heater is a sign of corrosion on the inside of the tank.]1 This happens as the heater ages over the years. A plumber will know the correct model to replace it. He will also know the proper installation method for the new hot water heater.

[Water coming leaking from the hot water heater is a clear sign that something is wrong.]1 This could be in a seam or around a connecting pipe. Some leaks can be patched, while others cannot be and these types of leaks lead to the hot water heater being replaced.

An old water heater could start to take more power to operate as it ages. This could make the electric and gas bill higher. Do you really want to spend more money each month? It may just be time to call a plumbing company to look at your hot water heater.

Keep watch over your hot water heater. It is one of the devices in your house that you want in top shape at all times. After all, you do not want to be stuck with cold showers.

Is the water heater in your Montgomery home in need of maintenance? Call Cole Plumbing at (334) 279-8919 and get started today!

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