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How To Deal With a Plumbing Emergency

Are you ready to deal with a plumbing emergency?

Montgomery  Emergency ServiceAll homeowners will eventually have to deal with plumbing emergencies. While small clogs and minor repairs are easily be handled by the do-it-yourself crowd, it is smart to call a plumber for anything more complicated than that. Below are a few tips on how to handle a plumbing emergency.

If a clogged toilet is about to overflow, open up the faucets in the sink or bathtub to slow down the flow of water. Alternatively, the water flow can be stopped completely if there is access to the shut-off valve found on the pipe leading to the toilet tank. The toilet can usually be unclogged by using a plunger.

Plunging is also the first thing to try when faced with a stopped-up drain. If plunging does not unclog the drain, the next step is to use a liquid drain cleaner. Keep in mind that using inexpensive drain screens will help to prevent pipes from getting clogged in the first place.

The best way to deal with frozen pipes is to thaw them slowly using a space heater or a hair dryer. Open faucets in the house to allow the thawed water to escape. If a frozen pipe has burst, turn off the main water supply and contact a plumber.

It is not a good idea to attempt repair on a leaking water heater, but some measures can be taken to minimize damage until a plumber can take over. Turn off the water supply to the water heater, then shut off power to the water heater from your circuit breaker panel. If it is a gas water heater, turn off the gas. To minimize water damage, attach a hose to the water heater and allow it to empty into a drain.

Leaking pipes can cost big money over time if not dealt with immediately, even if the leak is small. To temporarily repair a leaking pipe, first turn off the main water supply. Next, turn on an inside faucet to relieve pressure inside of the pipes to minimize dripping as you work. Once the water flow is stopped, try to seal the leak using plumbing epoxy or waterproof duct tape. These measures will only work for a short time, because eventually the pipe will need to be repaired or replaced by a professional.

Are you ready for a plumbing emergency in the Montgomery area? Call us at (334) 279-8919 and let us handle the problem for you!

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