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How to Detect a Water Leak Fast

3 Ways to Detect a Water Leak in Your Home

[Water leaks]1 can cause significant damage to your Montgomery home, so you want to identify them quickly and have them repaired, before they have a chance to cause you a lot of money and inconvenience. If you don’t have water gushing into your home, you might need help identifying leaks. Although we suggest you immediately call us when you suspect a leak, you can use these three ways to detect a water leak in your home to help you stay vigilant.

Your Toilets

Montgomery, AL Leak Detection Services

Plumbers often find toilets as the source of home plumbing problems. Although you don’t want to mess with them yourself, you can take some simple measures to check them for leaks.

Toilets can often leak water without giving you any clues, so you can buy a special dye that will color the water. By following the dye color, you can find your leak. Often, you will discover a leak that allows water to flow from the toilet tank into the bowl. Although food coloring can work for detecting leaks, it can stain your toilet.

You should call us right away, as soon as you suspect a leaking toilet When you do, our professional plumbers will quickly assess the problem and provide you with a quote for repair.

Your Meter

If you know, you suspect that you have a water leak, you can turn off your water supply where it enters your house and look at your water meter. If your meter continues spinning with the water cut off, you probably have a water line leak. This kind of leak might seem extreme, but our plumbers have the tools and expertise to provide quick and permanent repairs.

Your Water Bill

Water leaks will often show up in the form of an expensive water bill. A leak will explain why your bill increases without any explanation. After you receive an unusually high water bill, you need to discover the source of your leak. When you call us, we will track down the leak, so you don’t have to worry about the damages it might cause.

The difficulty involved in finding a water leak in your Montgomery home might surprise you. If you suspect a leak, call us for help. We have licensed, professional plumbers who can quickly find and repair leaks in any part of your home. You can call at any time, including nights and weekends, and we will dispatch a plumber who can fix your leak and give you peace of mind.

Call Cole Plumbing at (334) 279-8919 today to get your Montgomery, AL system checked out by a professional plumber!

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