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How to Keep Your Drains Clean and Clog-Free

drain cleaning in Montgomery, AL

A clogged drain is a huge hassle. Fortunately you can prevent this problem with some simple changes in your household. If your drain does get clogged, however, our professional plumber in Montgomery, AL can get rid of the blockage right away. You can count on Cole Plumbing to handle clogged kitchen, bathtub, shower, sink and laundry drains at any time. Help keep your drains clog-free by:

Watching What You Flush

Never flush baby diapers or wipes, even if the package claims they're flushable. Avoid flushing menstrual care products, packaging or tissues as well. Consider placing a trash can in your bathroom to help build the habit of throwing trash away rather than flushing them. Large amounts of trash in your plumbing can build up and require drain cleaning in Montgomery, AL.

Installing a Hair Trap

Built up hair is a common reason why homeowners experience a clogged drain in Montgomery, AL. Place a hair trap in bathroom sinks, bathtubs and showers to catch the hair before it flows through your system. There are metal, plastic and silicone options but all need to be cleaned out everyday to ensure their efficiency. 

Using Garbage Disposals With Caution

Avoid putting anything fibrous or stringy in the garbage disposal. Starches, such as rice and pasta, should also be avoided as these can build up and form a blockage. If the garbage disposal gets clogged, our drain cleaning company in Montgomery

, AL can unclog it for you.

Practicing Good Bathroom Hygiene

When shaving, avoid letting the hair go into the bathroom sink. Globs of toothpaste, lotion or soap can also clog the bathroom drain. Keep small items, such as jewelry and toys, away from the bathroom sink as these could get knocked into the sink and stuck in the drain. If you notice that your bathroom drain is clogged, don't try to fix it yourself. Our professional team can provide you with a gentle yet effective drain snaking in Montgomery, AL.

Cole Plumbing is the trusted provider of drain cleaning services in Montgomery, AL and the surrounding areas.To learn more about our drain cleaning solutions or the other plumbing services we offer, contact us today.

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