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If You’re Doing ANY Of These Things, Stop Now!

5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

[Montgomery PlumberPlumbing]1 is really a lot more complex than people first assume. While some people may think they know a lot about plumbing, some of those beliefs may in fact be based on information that’s just plain wrong.

Below are five of the biggest myths people mistakenly believe about their plumbing.

1. Low Water Pressure Isn’t a Problem

One thing that many homeowners may not be alarmed by is low water pressure. As long as the water is flowing, they may assume that nothing is amiss.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Low water pressure with any of your fixtures is certainly a symptom of a plumbing problem. While it could be something less significant such as the valves needing tuning, it could also be evidence of a serious leak.

2. You Can’t Clog a Garbage Disposal

Another common myth many people believe is that anything can be placed into a garbage disposal. Since it grinds stuff down into seemingly nothing, they believe it’s impossible to clog a garbage disposal. This simply isn’t true.

Oils and other liquids that can coagulate should never been poured down a garbage disposal since they could indeed form a clog.

3. Plumbing Fixtures Can Be Cleaned with Soap

Many people also falsely assume that their plumbing fixtures can be cleaned simply by using hand soap and water. Hand soap is great for cleaning your hands. It can remove dirt and bacteria. However, it can actually be too strong form plumbing fixtures.

This may seem illogical since plumbing fixtures are generally made out of metal, but it’s true. It can cause pipes to peel or corrode. Use specialty cleaners designed for plumbing instead.

4. Plumbing Doesn’t Require Maintenance

Another common belief is that plumbing doesn’t require any maintenance. Problems simply suddenly happen, and that’s when you call the plumber. However, this attitude is what can contribute to the development of serious plumbing issues.

Montgomery Plumbing Myths

If the homeowner, for example, made an effort to spot and clean clogs as they develop, more expensive plumbing issues that can develop later on could be avoided.

5. Lemons Can Clean a Garbage Disposal

Some people place lemons into their garbage disposals with the belief that this is a good strategy for cleaning them. While the smell produced might be nice, the citric acid from the lemons could corrode the metal and lead to the garbage disposal eventually breaking.

Don’t be fooled by plumbing myths! Call Cole Plumbing Inc at (334) 279-8919 for great advice and service in the Montgomery area.

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