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If You’re Having Problems With Tree Roots In Your Pipes, Here’s How Our Hydro Jetting Equipment Can Cut The Roots Out of Your Vestavia Hills Home Pipes

One of the loveliest features of Vestavia Hills, Alabama is our many gorgeous trees. Huge and mature, they rustle peacefully in the breeze and provide shade on our sweltering hot summer days. Nearly every home, business, as well as municipal buildings, have at least one tree on the property, and this can lead to problems without proper care. At Cole Plumbing, we are all too familiar with these problems, and we take the time to resolve them with high-quality equipment.

How Tree Roots Can Be Problematic In Vestavia Hills

While beautiful, the large number of trees in the community often wreak havoc on our buried sewer lines. With the summer heat, the tree root expands, searching for new sources of water to feed the trees. Sewer pipes almost always have moisture inside, making them a natural place for thirsty trees to find a drink. The roots force their way in around joint connections and continue to grow, filling the pipe.

Root growth in a sewer pipe causes several problems. Most obviously, it obstructs the flow of water and waste, leading to frequent sewer backups. Sanitary paper and biological waste become caught in the roots, compacting and forming severe clogs that are difficult to remove. Roots also damage the pipe as they grow and expand, splitting the walls and separating joints until the pipe is irreparably broken.

How We Remove Tree Roots

While rooter service, or drain snaking, can break up some of the roots, it doesn’t remove all the growth. The direction of growth and the thickness of each tendril will have an impact on whether the cutting tool can effectively chop it and extract it. Invariably, some small roots will remain, and those leftover roots will quickly grow back, creating a recurring problem that costs you money time and time again.

Cole Plumbing has a better solution to root growth in sewer lines. Our advanced hydro jetting system goes behind partial removal to obliterate root buildup for long-term results. All the roots are sheared off at the entry point to the pipe, complete removing any obstruction to the sewer flow. The procedure kills all growth into the pipe to prevent immediate recurrence.

Hydro jetting uses a specialized tool to create carefully calibrated jets of high-pressure water that spray in every direction. The water emits at pressures over 4000 PSI, a force strong enough to pulverize even the thickest, toughest of roots. Our skilled technician inserts the hydro jetting nozzle into the pipe and maneuvers it through the pipes, joints, and connections, scouring away the tree roots instantly.

Cole Plumbing’s innovative hydro jet service doesn’t just remove tree roots. It will also clean away waste buildup from the pipe to improve sewer flow. Accumulated biological and paper waste forms layers on the walls of the pipe, creating odors and bacteria growth. Grease buildup also adheres to the inside of the pipe, contributing to slow flow and making a place for bacteria and insects to form. Mineral buildup such as hard water scale breaks up and rinse down the drain. After Cole Plumbing has completed a hydro jetting service, all the roots will be gone, and the pipes will be squeaky clean.

Call Cole Plumbing To Cut Out The Tree Roots In Your Pipes Today!

For effective, modern hydro jet services, you can count on Cole Plumbing. With our innovative service to remove root growth from your sewer line, you can enjoy your Vestavia Hills trees without fear that they’re harming your pipes. Call us today!

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