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Importance of Drain Inspection Here in Montgomery

The drain system in your house is much more complex than you might realize. From the toilet to the tub, the kitchen sink to the one in your bathroom, drains and pipes carry away food particles, soap scum, excess hair, even grease.

It’s not a surprise that will all that to contend with, they can clog. If you experience slow drains or stopped drains, you need to get it fixed in a hurry. But your pipes go through walls, under floors and deep beneath the house. How do you tell where the clog is?

Video Inspections to the Rescue!

Your plumber can use the latest technology to find the exact spot where the blockage is causing the backup. Whether in your sewer line or other part of the pipes system, a video inspection here in Montgomery locates the problem.

When video cameras are used, there is no guesswork. A radio transmitter on the camera pinpoints the clog or other defect. It figures out the depth and its actual physical location in relation to the surface of the ground.

Drain Inspection

This means the technician doing the inspection has the equipment and data he needs to make an exact diagnosis. That’s the first essential step to solving your drain problem.

It also saves you money in the long run because you don’t have to worry about unnecessary digging or work on the pipes. The plumber can quickly and efficiently locate the problem and make the repairs needed to get you back on track.

What Problems Does Video Inspection Find?

It’s not just clogs that a video camera can locate. This method of inspection can spot areas where roots are intruding into pipes, places where the pipe is broken, off-grade, corrodes or otherwise damaged.

If the problem is grease that has built up over time, the camera will be able to give that information to the technician. He can see where pipes are leaking or where obstructions are causing problems.

When Should You Get a Video Inspection?

Here in Montgomery, a video inspection is a good idea in a number of circumstances.

Repeated clogs.

When you start having repeated problems with clogs or slow drains, a video inspection is an efficient way to spot the cause.

Worried about roots.

It’s helpful if you have trees and big bushes that might be causing problems for your pipe system. A video inspection can tell you for sure if roots are intruding into the pipes. The sooner the roots are removed and the pipes fixed, the less expensive the work will be.

Before you buy.

If you are thinking of buying a home, be sure to get a video inspection done. This will tell you what the condition of the pipe system is in. It is especially important if the home is more than 25 years old. Most people don’t realize that a standard home inspection involves only a cursory look at pipes that are visible within the house.

When you remodel.

If you are considering remodeling your bathrooms or kitchen, it is wise to get a drain inspection. You won’t have to worry about expensive surprises. And since your contractor will be working with the pipe system anyway, it is an excellent time to make needed repairs.

Does It Harm the Pipes?

A video drain inspection here in Montgomery causes no harm at all to your pipes. A flexible rod is sent into your pipes. It has a video camera on its tip, complete with radio transmitter. The rod is flexible enough to travel easily through all sizes of pipes, causing no damage in the process.

This method of inspection can actually see around corners. The technician gets a complete view of the entire interior of the pipe. He sees the picture on a monitor in real time. This image is recorded so you can refer to it later.

Call the drain inspection experts in Montgomery today for a free, no-obligation quote.

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