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Inspection as Preventative Maintenance


You're welcome to call a plumber from Cole Plumbing when urgent assistance is needed. But we also want to remind you that taking steps to prevent plumbing emergencies in the first place is just as important. Below, we discuss how inspections can serve as an effective form of preventative maintenance.

When an Inspection Should Be Scheduled

Ideally, you shouldn't wait until you are seeing signs of a serious problem to schedule a pipe or drain inspection. For instance, you might schedule an inspection at least once a year to find out for sure what's going on with your sewer lines or drains.

If you prefer not to do annual inspections, signs suggesting it's a good idea to contact us about a drain or sewer video inspection include:

  • Drains that are slower than usual
  • Foul odors coming from drains
  • Unusually lush or soggy spots on your lawn
  • Odd sounds coming from drains – e.g., gurgling or burping

How an Inspection Is Done

A pipe camera inspection is done with a high-resolution camera that's inserted into an access point called a clean-out. The results are shown in real-time on a monitor. As the flexible cable is inched down the pipe being inspected, any flaws or blockages can be identified. What this does is allow well-informed decisions to be made about what steps to take next. In some cases, all you may need is a thorough pipe cleaning.

Why Preventative Maintenance Is Beneficial

Our pipe or sewer camera inspection services in Prattville, AL can provide many much-appreciated benefits when used for preventative purposes. Some of these include:

  • Fewer significant repair costs
  • Taking care of issues early
  • Extending the life of drain and sewer lines

Schedule an Inspection Today

A plumbing inspection is something you can cross off your to-do list by reaching out to Cole Plumbing. We'll arrive with the right equipment to thoroughly examine your pipes and related parts in a way that's minimally invasive and informative.

Contact our team today for more about our sewer camera inspection services.

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