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Interested in Conserving Water? Here’s Where to Start

Top 3 Water-Wasting Appliances in Your Home and What You Can Do To Reduce Your Water Us

[Conserving water is crucial]1 not only since the population in the U.S. has drastically increased causing a need for more water, but also to avoid pollution from contaminating rivers and lakes.

Montgomery Water Conservation and Sustainability Services

Conserving water can also reduce a monthly utility bill so it pays to evaluate all of the common household appliances that waste water. You can do your part to save water by replacing a few of them with new low-flow fixtures, particularly in a bathroom.


To start off, be sure to check bathroom water faucets for leaks. Even a small leak requires repair as that tiny leak that continues all day long will amount to a considerable waste of water, so having it repaired is crucial.

Another method to conserve water is replacing outdated sink faucets with new water saving brands. Some of these are even automatic and hands free, which are furnished with a sensor which opens a valve for water flow when a hand is placed close to this sensor.


One of the biggest appliances that waste water is a leaky toilet (some research has indicated that more than 15% of toilets leak at one time or another). A toilet leak that is ignored for any time frame can cause a significant waste of water and a higher utility bill. Always be aware of a water sound from the toilet after flushing is completed or if a toilet continues to flush on its own as this could indicate a leak. Seek out repairs from a professional plumber to save money and water waste. Also in1995 improved water efficiency requirements were placed, so if you have a toilet that is older than this it should be replaced with a model that is water efficient.


Older model showerheads are also big-time wasters of water. Today low-flow shower heads will significantly reduce water by nearly half, dropping a flow to about 1.25 gallons a minute (2.5 is the greatest allowed). You may hate the thought of spending money to have the showerhead replaced, but as your utility bills roll in, you will love the fact that you are saving money monthly.

As you can see the bathroom is one room that has appliances that have the potential to greatly waste water, but by replacing them with the new models that are water efficient you can play a part in water conservation and even lower your utility bills.

Now more than ever, conservation doesn’t require a lifestyle change! Call the professionals of Cole Plumbing at (334) 279-8919 to see how easy it is to conserve water in your Montgomery home.

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