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The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

If you think you know everything about plumbing, chances are you’ll be in for a big surprise at some point. This is especially true for people who use a variety of plumbing myths they’ve picked up along the way, thinking all the time they know exactly what they’re doing. Unfortunately, more and more people seem to use a number of different plumbing myths as a way to conduct Montgomery home maintenance.

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In most cases, they would be far better off utilizing the services of a licensed and experienced plumber. To see if you are guilty of using some popular myths yourself, take a look at these unusual maintenance methods people use every day.

Garbage on the Rocks

No, this isn’t some crazy new mixed drink. Instead, it’s the best way to clean a garbage disposal according to many plumbers. Rather than using lemon rinds down the disposal as many people do, putting a few ice cubes in there will do a much better cleaning job. As the cubes are chopped up by the disposal’s blades, the water is able to remove food particles and grime.

No Maintenance? No Way!

Why some people believe their plumbing requires no maintenance is a mystery, but that’s how many people think today. However, they’re in for a rude awakening at some point. By ignoring maintenance on pipes, drains, fixtures, toilets, and more it’s a given that leaks, corrosion, or other problems will present themselves.

Instead, have a Montgomery plumber conduct an annual inspection to make sure everything is fine. As for the home’s plumbing fixtures, the best way to maintain them is by using baking soda or cut lemons. Resist the urge to reach for hand soap, which will turn the finishes of fixtures very dark and make them virtually impossible to clean. If you have brass fixtures in your home, always use baking soda or cut lemons as an alternative to hand soap.

What’s Going Down

While it’s important for drains and pipes to remain clear, many people choose to do nothing. That’s because they have determined that’s the best approach, but by doing so have almost guaranteed themselves clogs now and in the future.

If grease or oil are poured down the drain, running hot water will do nothing to prevent a clog. Likewise, if water is run down a garbage disposal, it will not help the disposal grind up its contents any better.

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