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Keep Your Montgomery Home Clog-Free- Pet Edition

Pet Owners: 3 Plumbing Tips to Keep Cat and Dog Hair out of Drains and Pipes

If you are a pet lover, you may have experienced some embarrassing moments from the rare plumbing issues that come along with the flurry pet companions.

The main problems people experience is the hair coming out of the pets during bath time that can make cleaning a daunting task. If you have the habit of leaving the lid of the toilet open, the main issue could be finding the pet sipping the water from the toilet. Since pets are important friends in our lives, the most important thing is to establish a peaceful coexistence between you and your friend. The following points will ensure your pets’ hair doesn’t end up in the drains and pipes of your Montgomery home.

Use a drain strainer

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When you give your pet a bath in the bathtub, make sure you use a strainer to ensure the hair coming out of the pet doesn’t clog the drains. Even if you think the pet has short hair and may not be shredding at the time, it might be surprising for you to notice the amount of hair that comes off when you start scrubbing.

Remember to replace regularly the pet’s water

If your pet turns to the toilet to find water for drinking, it is important to find another way of ensuring the pet gets a drink every day. The hygiene way is to clean the pet’s water dishes every day and replace the water twice in a day. More importantly, keep tabs on the water levels and the temperature of the day to know when to offer more water.

Avoid flushing pets litter

Some products are labeled flushable, but it doesn’t mean your toilet can handle it. For instance, it is always important to flush cat used litter into a bag or throw in the trash. Cats are known to eat things their system can’t digest such as bones. When the litter containing bones is flushed in the toilet, it may cause problems with your plumbing system.

Ensure you have hidden all exposed pipes and drains

Puppies and kittens love to chew, and for an exposed pipe it is not an exception. The most important thing is to avoid plumbing emergencies such as pipe leakage or spillage by blocking these exposed pipes. This can be done by placing furniture in a way that prevents the pets from accessing pipes and drains. The other option could be wrapping the exposed pipes with materials that would discourage pets from chewing the pipes of your Montgomery home.

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