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Trenchless Pipe Bursting in Auburn, Alabama

In decades past, sewer pipes were made of clay, iron, orangeburg, or concrete. Over time, these pipe materials tend to break apart, develop holes and break - which spells trouble for the owners of old buildings or homes.

At Cole Plumbing, we offer trenchless pipe bursting services to quickly replace pipes that are beyond repair. Trenchless technology is a no-dig solution that has made significant strides over traditional pipe replacement in many ways. It can single-handedly replace pipes that have corroded, collapsed, or completely invaded by nearby tree roots.

Saving Auburn, AL Customers Time and Money Through Trenchless Technology

Hiring a conventional contractor to do traditional sewer pipe replacement is a major mistake. The job entails a lot of labor hours just for digging up the earth alone. In the act of finding the problem pipe, your precious yard, lawn or garden will have to be destroyed. Moreover, once the replacement is done you’ll be tasked with having to put your landscape back together.

With trenchless technology, you won’t have to put up with the digging to expose the sewer lines. More importantly, technicians won’t have to remove the broken pipe to have it replaced, which saves you a lot of time and money. Our expert and experienced technicians offer trenchless solutions on both water and sewer pipes on even the most sensitive locations. We can use trenchless technology to replace pipes located under sidewalks, roads, backyards, creeks and lawns.

Pipe bursting in particular is an efficient form of trenchless technology. The whole process simultaneously removes the failing pipe and places the new one along the same path. Remarkably, pipe bursting can be completed in a single day, as opposed to traditional pipe replacements that can take days, or even weeks.

How Trenchless Pipe Bursting Works in Auburn

A complete digital inspection precedes everything else. Investigating the cause of the problem enables our technicians to gather important data for knowing how and where to place the new pipe. The trenchless pipe replacement begins with two small access points that will serve as the entry and the exit area. A cable is inserted and a conical, bursting head leads the charge, breaking apart the old, broken pipe while installing the new one in place. Old pipe fragments are distributed into the surrounding soil.

Pipe bursting in Auburn, Alabama works well with any kind of drain or sewer pipe material, including cast iron, clay, concrete, PVC and others. In just a few hours, you can get back on track and not have to worry about recurring sewer line issues. The replacement pipe is extremely durable and can last 50 or more years.

Call Cole Plumbing To Replace Your Sewer Pipes Using The No-Dig Method

At Cole Plumbing, we have a specialized team of professionals ready to provide cutting-edge solutions. We believe that time is precious, and for this reason we use the most efficient method to repair or replace your pipes. Call us and we’ll head right over and fix your plumbing issues as soon as possible. We can do it quickly and with utmost attention to detail, with less waiting on your end.

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