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Orangeburg Pipe Repair Montgomery

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Orangeburg pipe repairs are designed to renew the Orangeburg pipeline material, a component that can still be found in many homes across Montgomery. While these pipes were phased out of commission in the 1970’s and replaced with the more standard PVC pipes, many of these lines haven’t been replaced since then, and as such, if your home or business still has Orangeburg pipes, our team at Cole Plumbing strongly recommends repairing or replacing the pipelines. While these processes were once extensive and undertakings filled with uncertainty, at Cole Plumbing, we offer an efficient way to handle these high-maintenance situations with our Orangeburg pipe repair solutions.

Trenchless pipe repairs allow our professionals to enter your pipes and treat the pipes internally. We do not need direct access from the outside of the pipes like traditional methods require, eliminating the concern of excavations and trenches. We repair the pipes by lining them from within, and the lining is comprised of an epoxy-based coating. This is officially known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, and this technique allows us to apply the resin to the walls of the pipes with inflatable bladders that expand and force it to evenly coat the damaged areas of the Orangeburg pipe. After the coating hardens, it creates a durable line along the diameter of the Orangeburg pipe, allowing it to last for five decades or more with proper maintenance and cleanings. This process is easy and effective, allowing our work to be finished in less than a day, leaving you with results that are made to last.

Cole Plumbing can come inspect your pipes today to see if you qualify to be a candidate for Orangeburg pipe repair and trenchless pipe replacements. Give us a call to come to your property and see what we can do to renew your sewer system and help it reach the industry standards of efficiency and safety.

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