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Sewer Pipe Lining In Montgomery Alabama

Sewer ReliningIf you own a home that is over forty years old than chances are you will soon be facing an expensive repair or two. Many of the critical systems tend to break down around that age, especially the pipe that carries raw sewage out of the house and into either the main sewer line or a septic tank that is located on your property. The fact of the matter is that the sewer line pipes used in the old days were typically manufactured out of either clay or iron. Clay tends to crack over time, while iron rusts and eventually rots. Neither situation is healthy for the sewer line. These cracks and rotted spots lead to clogs that are caused by dirt and tree roots that enter into the pipe. Of course these clogs then act as a dam that blocks the natural flow of raw sewage.

When the raw sewage is unable to reach its intended destination it tends to back up into the property through the toilets. That presents an extremely dangerous and unhealthy situation for anyone residing in the house. In the most severe cases the clay or iron sewer line will collapse altogether. Not only will raw sewage back up into the home, it will also disburse into the ground. This may cause a negative chain effect, especially if the raw sewage seeps into the natural ground water. With all of that being stated there is some good news. Sewer pipe lining in Montgomery, Alabama is a cost effective and fast way to fix the problem.

Sewer pipes are located in the ground, typically below spots that contain flowers, grass, plants, shrubs, and trees. Some pipes even run under driveways. In order to reach the pipes using the traditional method it is necessary for the plumbing contractor to dig large trenches. Of course that means anything located above ground near the sewer pipe must be destroyed. It simply does not matter if it is your precious prize winning flowers, your favorite tree, or grandmother’s vegetable garden for example. The bulldozer and backhoe easily destroy anything and everything in their path in order to dig the access trench alongside the entire length of the pipe.

Not only is the heavy-duty construction equipment extremely expensive to operate, which of course is included in the price of the job there is the added expensive of fixing the landscaping when the sewer repair or replacement job is complete. Sewer pipe lining presents the homeowner with a better option that is far more affordable. This highly technologically advanced method only requires the plumbing contractor to dig a small hole at one end of the sewer pipe. A tube, covered in a high-density resin is either blown or pulled through the existing sewer pipe. This resin coats or lines the interior of the old pipe.

Within a couple of hours the resin dries forming an entirely new pipe that will last for approximately fifty years without any hassle or worry. The new resin pipe is actually 0.25-inches smaller than the old pipe, however it does not negatively affect the flow of sewage waste materials. Another great aspect of trenchless sewer pipe lining is that it typically only takes a day or two at most to complete the job from start to finish. Traditional sewer line repair and replacement can take upwards of two to three weeks to complete. The sooner the plumbing contractor is out of your hair the faster you can get back to normal.

Cole Plumbing is proud to be a leading trenchless sewer pipe lining specialist in Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding areas. We also provide our valued customers with the very best in all plumbing related services. Please contact us today for an initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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