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Storm Drain Lining In Montgomery Alabama

Storm Drain LiningIf you are having issues with the storm drainage system at your home or investment property than you are not alone. This is certainly not a club that you would choose to join. The membership fee is expensive, and the process can be unpleasant to say the least. The fact that there are so many other people in this situation only proves that it is a common problem that property owners must face on a daily basis. That being said, it is also extremely important to fix the issue prior to it causing serious water damage to your property.

Even if your home or investment property was constructed within the last twenty years or so, storm drain issues can strike at any time. The fact of the matter is that storm drain lines deteriorate far more rapidly than the pipes that are located in other parts of your plumbing system. For example, sewer pipes made out of clay or iron can last upwards of thirty to forty years. Plastic based PVC sewer lines will last even longer than that. The main reason that storm drain pipes break, crack, and deteriorate faster than their cousins is because of their extreme usage.

There is a near constant flow of water that contains sand and other corrosive materials. Of course this tends to cause both concrete and metal pipes to deteriorate faster than normal. Once breaks and or cracks appear in the pipeline materials such as dirt, small rocks, tree roots, and leaves tend to find their way into these breaks and cracks. Often times it causes major clogs that significantly reduces the capacity of the system. Eventually the water is unable to pass by the clogs, and it ends up backing up the system. This is the point when the real damage to your property may occur.

When water cannot reach its intended destination it needs to go somewhere else instead. Typically it heads back up the pipe and can wind up flooding your property. If you have ever experienced a flood than you know the exact type of damage it causes. Floodwater destroys everything in its path. In a best-case scenario only your yard will be negatively affected. In a worst case scenario the water will actually flood the interior of the property causing damage or destruction of furniture and other possessions. It also causes major problems with building materials such as drywall, carpet, tile, and wood floors.

If you are having issues with the storm drainage system at your home, or investment property than storm drain lining in Montgomery, Alabama is by far the best solution to fix the problem. It is the most convenient, cost effective, and least invasive method available on the market today. In essence, a storm drain lining permits the existing storm drain to stay in place. Instead of removing it, an epoxy-based material is sprayed directly inside the pipe in order to line it. Once the epoxy cures or dries it forms an impenetrable layer of protection that keeps water in and clogging materials outside of the storm drainpipe.

Drain pipe lining installation process is extremely fast and convenient. It certainly does not require the need to excavate the landscaping, road, or sidewalks in order to expose the pipe. Storm drain lining works on pipes that are upwards of five feet in diameter and several hundred of feet long. On average storm drain lining is seventy five-percent less expensive and just as effective as replacing the entire system. It seems like a no-brainer for property owners to hire a plumbing contractor that uses this high tech method if problems arise within the storm drain system.

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