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Trenchless Pipe Bursting In Montgomery Alabama

Pipe BurstingIf you live in Montgomery, Alabama and your house is over forty years old than chances are you will be facing an extensive and expensive sewer pipe issue in the not too distant future. It is simply an unfortunate fact of life for people that own older homes in the area. Back in the day sewer pipes were typically constructed out of materials that tend to break, crack, rot, and rust. This fact poses a tremendous threat to your sewer system. When the pipes being to deteriorate tree roots, dirt, and other ground related debris tend to enter into the pipeline through the cracks and holes.

This leads to clogs in the line that impede the flow of wastewater and waste solids that absolutely need to reach their destination in either the main city/town sewer line or a septic system located on your property. For example, if the sewer line is clogged and the raw sewage cannot pass than it will eventually end up flowing back into your home. Exposure to raw sewage certainly is an unpleasant and quite dangerous situation to say the least. It may actually lead to serious medical issues.

Obviously it is extremely important to repair any problems with the sewer line prior to that occurring. Although there are a few options available to homeowners, trenchless pipe bursting in Montgomery, Alabama is by far the best one. This holds especially if your pipes are damaged beyond repair. The good news is that trenchless pipe bursting is a less expensive and evasive option than the traditional method of digging up the entire yard in order to reach the sewer line. On top of the fact that it is far quicker, meaning you will be able to get your household back to normal a lot faster.

In order to properly compare the two methods it is important to show you how they both work. Traditional sewer pipe repair and replacement has been the go to method for many years. It involves digging a large trench the entire length of the sewer pipe in order to expose, remove it, and replace it with a new pipe. Of course that means that your landscaping is destroyed within the area that the pipe is located. Say goodbye to your lawn, flowers, bushes, trees, plants, and potentially the driveway. If you hire a plumbing contractor that uses the outdated traditional method you must also factor in the cost to repair and re-landscape your yard.

However trenchless pipe bursting in Montgomery, Alabama only requires the plumbing contractor to dig two small holes, one at each end of the sewer line. A continuous pipe that is manufactured using a high-density polyethylene plastic material is pulled through the old sewer line from one end to the other. As the new pipe is being pulled it literally fractures or bursts the old one in an outward motion. The pieces of the old pipe simply fall into the ground where they are left to harmlessly rot away. When all is said and done the new polyethylene pipe permanently replaces the old one. It will last for approximately fifty years, so the next time it needs to be replaced will most likely be someone else’s problem. After the work is complete, the two small holes are easily filled in as if they never existed.

Cole Plumbing is one of the leading trenchless pipe bursting plumbing contractors in Montgomery and surrounding areas. We take great pride in the fact that our highly skilled and experienced team of plumbing technicians is trained in the most up to date technology available in the industry. At Cole Plumbing we are here to help you each and every step of the way with all of your plumbing needs.

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