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Trenchless Sewer Repair In Montgomery, Alabama

trenchless-sewer-repairIt is a well-known fact that a large population of homeowners are either currently dealing with or will soon be facing extensive sewer line repair in Montgomery, Alabama. Many of the area homes were built over forty years ago. The sewer pipes used during that time period were constructed from materials that are prone to break, crack, and rot. In the minimum this leads to clogs in the line caused by the invasion of tree roots, dirt, and other debris. In a worst case scenario the sewer line breaks down to the point that it is rendered useless.

In either situation raw sewage is prone to leak directly into the ground or back up into the home. It causes a dangerous situation for anyone living at the property, and in essence can negatively affect the entire neighborhood and surrounding area. That being said, it is extremely important to have any problems fixed as soon as they occur. As a homeowner it is your responsibility so it is critical that you are properly informed prior to a sewer line repair situation occurring. There are a few choices that will basically fix the problem for good.

The Traditional Sewer Line Repair Method

When most homeowners think of sewer line repair they picture large construction equipment digging up their yard, ruining their grass, destroying their flower beds, killing their shrubbery, knocking down cherished trees, and causing overall havoc. In the old days digging a huge trench in order to expose the entire sewer line was the only way to make repairs or replace the pipe entirely.

Unfortunately many of the plumbing contractors in Montgomery still employ this out of date and archaic method. Perhaps the worst part is that most homeowners are unaware that there are far better methods that are less expensive, less invasive, and less time consuming. The good news is that you no longer need to choose the tradition sewer line repair method, thereby saving your yard from utter destruction.

The Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Method

Although you may not have heard of it yet, trenchless sewer repair in Montgomery, Alabama is a far superior method of fixing and replacing broken sewer pipes. Overall it is far less expensive than the traditional method, especially when you consider the fact that it avoids costly landscaping repairs. There is absolutely zero need to dig up your yard in order to expose the sewer line. Another great aspect is that the plumbing contractor can be in and out within a singe day or two as opposed to the potential of multiple weeks.

The bottom line of any major home repair is getting the job done correctly in the fastest and most affordable manner as possible. Trenchless sewer line repair provides all of those crucial essentials. There are two methods to it as well. If your sewer pipes are in somewhat decent shape than the trenchless plumbing contractor can reline them. However if the pipes are suffering from too much damage they will require the pipe bursting method.

The pipe lining method only requires a small access hole to be dug at the head or start of the existing sewer line. Small, technologically advanced machinery is used to either blow or pull a resin-coated tube through the inside of the old sewer line. In essence, the resin covers or coats the entire interior of the old pipe. Within two to three hours the resin hardens and creates a brand new pipe that it located within the old one. The brand new sewer pipeline is actually 0.25-inches smaller than the old pipe, however it does not interfere with the flow of materials in any manner whatsoever.

The pipe bursting method is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It requires the digging of two small holes, one at each end of the sewer line. A continuous pipe, made out of a polyethylene plastic material is pulled through the existing pipe. As it goes through, the new pipe bursts the old one into pieces. The pieces fall into the ground where they are harmlessly left to rot. One the process is complete the new pipe completely takes over the duties of the old sewer line. Much like the pipe lining method, pipe bursting only takes a day or two in order to complete. Both trenchless sewer and drain line repair methods will last for approximately fifty years.

Cole Plumbing is your leading Montgomery plumber service that specializes in trenchless sewer line repair and replacement. Our specialized team of field technicians not only has years of experience they also are trained in the latest plumbing technologies. Please contact us today for an initial consultation regarding any of your plumbing needs.

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