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How Does Pipe Bursting Technology Repair Frozen Pipes?

Frozen Pipe

Pipe bursting technology is a new trenchless technique used for replacing or repairing buried pipelines like sewer, water, or even natural gas pipes without having the need for a traditional trench. The launching and receiving pits are used to replace the trench.

There are five main pieces of plumbing equipment that are used in a pipe bursting technology and they include the expanding head, the pulling rods, the pulling machine, the retaining device, and the hydraulic power pack.

A special machine is set in the receiving pit to pull the expanding head and new pipe into the line. The head is then pulled by the heavy and interlocking links that form a chain. Every link can weigh as much as several hundred pounds.

All of the equipment used in the pipe bursting technology process is powered by one or a few hydraulic powered generators.

This is new no-dig technology that is now being used to repair your sewer pipes, frozen pipes, or water lines quickly and effortlessly with very little damage from digging to your property. A variety of techniques are designed to keep your lawn and landscaping in place and to help restore your pipes. With expert trenchless plumbing services, there is never any need to ruin your yard, dig up half the yard or leave your property in ruins.

The technique can be done in less than a day. It is inexpensive compared to the traditional older re-piping method. It can help to preserves your lawn, garden, landscaping, walkway, patio, porch, and driveway. It can saves you time, money, and hassle. The pipe repairs are permanent and will conform to standards.

Trenchless pipe repair or pipe bursting technology is an excellent solution for many bad pipe problems and it includes mostly the sewer pipes and the water pipes repairs situations like the pipes underground, under the landscaping or under your home or business building, burst sewer pipes caused from blockages from growing tree roots and other debris in the pipe lines, sewer backup or leaking sewer lines from improperly installed pipes, broken or cracked water pipes from the natural earth movement or home settling and pipe damage from the repeated ground freezing or thawing, like frozen pipes.

A new pipe pull method can replace your broken sewer and water lines by using a small hole at the opening and the end of the pipe run. The new method for replacement pipe is code compliant, will not leak, and chemical resistant.

Free inspections and free quotes are offered to help avoid problems like sewer pipe cracks, pipe overflows, pipe leaks, clogged pipe drains and pipe backups.

You do not have to tear up your lawn any more. Your plumbing expert in the new trenchless pipe repair can help do a better and more efficient job. If you have a plumbing emergency? Then emergency plumbing services are available to residential homes and commercial businesses. Having a healthy pipe system is essential to both homes and businesses. Having your water and sewer system inspected every six months will help you to prevent future problems.

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