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Preparing Your Drains for the Holidays

plumber in Elmore County, AL

The holiday season is coming up fast. It might not seem important, but keeping your drains optimally functional during this time is a must. If you run into problems, you can have a plumber in Elmore County, AL from Cole Plumbing come to make repairs. Here are some tips on preparing your drains for the holidays.

Keep a Plunger Nearby

Unfortunately, toilet clogs happen often. If too much paper goes down or a foreign object accidentally falls into the toilet, it can lead to a problem. Keep a plunger nearby in case an emergency occurs. It can actually help to the point where you may be able to avoid the need for professional drain snaking.

Clear Out Drains

Check all of the fixtures in your home and see if you end up finding a clogged drain. If you do find one or more that are slow to drain, you can clear them by using natural methods. A combination of white vinegar and hot water or baking soda and white vinegar can work wonders for flushing away all of the grime, gunk and debris cluttering up your drains. You can use either of those mixtures and then pour hot water down the drain.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Of course, you always want your garbage disposal to work properly, but it’s especially important during the holidays. If you’re preparing a feast for dinner, you will want it to work. Test the garbage disposal beforehand by putting ice and rock salt down, then run the cold water and turn it on. It can clean it and sharpen the blades at the same time.

Garbage Cans All Around

Keep garbage cans in every bathroom and make sure they’re easy to access. Certain items should be thrown away instead of flushed down the toilet. This can prevent a lot of problems that require drain cleaning services.

If you live in Alabama and need a drain cleaning company to come to your home, contact Cole Plumbing at your earliest convenience.

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