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Reasons Behind Recurring Clogs

clogged drain

Almost all property owners in Alabama have struggled with recurring clogs at one point. A clogged drain calls for immediate repair and maintenance. Ignoring a blocked drain could be the beginning of unending plumbing issues. Gradually, other drains begin blocking, and eventually, your entire piping system becomes clogged. 

At Cole Plumbing, we provide reliable drain cleaning services to promote your plumbing system's utmost efficiency. Numerous factors could cause recurring clogs, particularly:


Soap and cleaning detergents contain grease and oily compounds. Grease accumulation in the sewer lines creates a significant obstruction in water drainage. Soap residue could also produce massive amounts of soap scum. Scum is, mostly, common with bar soaps. The gradual buildup of scum in the piping system eventually leads to clogging. Consider consulting our local drain cleaning company to get rid of scum and grease in your drainage system.

Food Scraps

If you have a garbage disposal, you might be tempted to toss food remains down the drain. However, oils and fats present in food are highly likely to block your drainage system. Fatty foods like bacon and meat take long to break down. These foods harden within the drainage system, thus blocking water flow. Other food items that you shouldn’t dispose of in the sink include eggshells and fruit peels. If your kitchen sink is blocked, drain snaking is an efficient means of clearing the clogs.


Disposing of debris in the bathtub or shower leads to recurring clogs. Mud and pebbles block the sewer lines and damage the internal pipe surface. It would be best if you washed off such dirt outside to prevent blockage. An expert plumber in Prattville, AL, will help to eliminate dirt accumulation in your piping network.

Tree Roots

Infiltration by tree roots is among the significant causes of recurring clogs in Alabama. Small leaks and cracks in the plumbing system promote the growth of tree roots. These roots, to a great extent, minimize water drainage. Fixing this problem calls for trenchless repair or excavation. Additionally, it’s best if the trees in your backyard have shallow roots.

For exceptional drain cleaning in Prattville, AL, Cole Plumbing is your perfect partner. We offer an array of drain cleaning solutions as well as other plumbing services. You can be sure that we will effectively put an end to your clog woes for good.

Contact us today and let’s fix recurring clogs in your home or business premises. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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