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Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal units are worth it!

Reasons To Get A Garbage Disposal Unit There are many benefits for a homeowner to install a garbage disposal system. A garbage disposal is sanitary, and also helps to create a more eco-friendly environment. Those who have a garbage disposal installed will be glad they did.

To start things off, installing and taking advantage of a garbage disposal unit is more sanitary than simply throwing food waste into a garbage can to sit. Besides the foul odors, bagged food waste can also attract wildlife to investigate. This can pose a danger to both a homeowner and their animals.

A garbage disposal is completely capable of grinding up food scraps so that there is no need to put food waste into the garbage can, unless of course it’s large chicken, turkey, steak, or other animal bones and cartilage.

Garbage disposal units also help to cut down on greenhouse gases, as well as fuel costs that are incurred when waste management trucks are in transit. Emission gases are created when food decomposes; more to the point, the methane that is produced from decomposing food waste is up to 21 times more potent than standard carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, when waste is incinerated, this also creates a rise in emissions levels due to the incineration process.

In terms of economic benefits, a garbage disposal eliminates the need for using as many trash bags, depending on the family or individual. Typically, with more food waste, it fills the garbage can up quicker. This results in the need to change trash bags more often, which costs money.

Lastly, the food that is ground up with the waste water is able to be used as an energy source. This process is accomplished by extracting the methane gases from the water/food waste mixture to generate electricity. Second, the ground up food, after being used for energy is then used for fertilizer; the bio-solid food waste works as an excellent and natural fertilizer that is full of nutrients.

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