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The Reasons Why Trenchless Pipe Lining Is Effective

Flash flooding is a common occurrence in the Montgomery area, and just earlier this year, a rainstorm that passed through the area left sections of Cloverdale and Prattville submerged underwater. This kind of weather event can cause a great deal of damage to old and decrepit sewer lines. At Cole Plumbing, we can fix any kind of issue that results from flash flooding.

We Use Trenchless Technologies

If your underground pipes are damaged from backup created by flash flooding or cracked from erosion around the pipes, we have just the solution. At Cole Plumbing we have a pipe lining solution that will not only repair the damaged pipe, it will last at least 50 years. That would make the repair the last one you will need to make in your lifetime.

Before We Get To Insert The Lining

In order to properly identify what is happening to the underground part of your plumbing system we have to get inside of it and look it over. We do this with a camera but in order to insert the camera we must dig a small hole down to the pipe connections. After we disconnect the pipe, we insert the camera. The camera sends us a closed-circuit feed of video from inside the pipe. It is from this video where we can accurately identify the locations of the cracks and measure for the pipe lining.

Inserting The Pipe Lining

The pipe lining is an epoxy coated flexible sleeve that gets pulled into the existing underground pipe. Once it is in place we will send hot water through the system. This creates a chemical reaction on the coated flexible fiber sleeve. We in the trenchless technology industry refer to it as curing. In fact, a cured-in-place-pipe is what will result from the finished process. What the curing does is it hardens the flexible sleeve and turns it into a solid, smooth tube that is held in place by the existing pipe. In other words, you end up with a pipe inside a pipe.

The Advantages Of A Pipe Lining

Because the pipe lining is inserted inside an existing underground pipe, there is no need to excavate to replace a pipe that has been damaged due to flash flooding. This is not only kinder to the environment, it also reduces costs. The savings are passed onto you and trenchless pipe repairs are usually faster to complete than traditional dig-and-replace repairs. This means less inconvenience and many trenchless solutions can be completed without shutting off your water service.

How To Reach Us

In times when extreme weather and flash floods have the potential to damage your pipes, have your sewer system repaired with trenchless technology which will last longer and cost you less in the long run. For more information on trenchless pipe lining solutions contact us today at Cole Plumbing.

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