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Why Repiping Services are Less Expensive than Pipeline Replacement

Eventually, your property will require its pipeline systems to be updated. Older homes may already be due for this update depending on when they were built. Most of the pipeline systems in older homes are made from galvanized steel, which corrodes and rusts when its zinc coating wears down. If you haven’t had your plumbing inspected recently, then it’s time to call a professional and schedule an inspection. Performing routine maintenance is the best way to avoid plumbing disasters. Determining if your pipes are corroded or cracked, before they break down, can mean the difference between cleaning up a huge mess and enjoying a lifestyle uninterrupted by plumbing emergencies.

When it’s time to update the plumbing on your property, you’re faced with two options: repiping or pipeline replacement. You can repipe with PEX pipes. PEX pipes are easy to install and never corrode, due to their plastic construction. Pipeline replacement involves replacing the entire system, typically with copper pipes. Copper doesn’t rust, is easy to repair, and can handle high heat.

Although both options are available and Cole Plumbing is skilled at both types of installations and repairs, repiping with PEX is the more economical choice. It requires less labor and time to complete than pipeline replacement. PEX piping is essentially a flexible plastic hose, which allows technicians to insert it into walls and other hard-to-reach areas with minimal damage to your property, also cutting back on remediation costs. Pipeline replacement with copper requires more labor because the technician has to make access areas and room for the hard pipes. Repiping with PEX also takes about half of the time that it takes to install a new copper system.

Regardless of your preference when it comes to pipeline repair, it’s essential to address the situation sooner rather than later, because the longer you procrastinate, the more potential damage to your property and wallet.

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