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Epoxy Pipe Lining Services in Montgomery

Copper is strong, survives the harsh effects of destructive water, and withholds itself for over 50 plus years. Because of these benefits about 60 years ago, most home and business plumbing was usually constructed using copper. As time passed, however, an unexpected consequence -- changes in water chemistry -- hastened the failure rate of copper piping. The pipes installed in older homes and businesses in 1970 began to pit. Pitting – small pinholes – happens because the chemical content of the water flowing through the pipes causes leaks. Late detection and delay of proper servicing these leaks causes extensive and expensive water damage to your property.

Benefits of Non-invasive Epoxy Pipe Lining

Our trained pipe diagnosticians will quickly diagnose your situation, detect the leaks, and make necessary repairs at a fair price. What’s more, we’ll do the job efficiently and successfully so you can get back to your routine with the least disruption possible. Consequently, you won’t have to repipe your house or business. Once we complete the work with our state-of-the art, eco-friendly, non-invasive epoxy pipe lining repair services, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in your water quality, with an added bonus - a lower water bill!

Costly slab leaks should be a serious concern for homeowners and business owners. You’ll know you have a slab leak when your floors develop hot spots, and there’s evidence of a growing number of wet areas. These leaks create a lot of running water. They push your water bill higher and higher, that is, until we repair your pipes with our guaranteed non-invasive epoxy pipe lining repair services that involves no digging!

Our highly-specialized team of experienced epoxy pipe lining repair service experts will be there for you. We'll find the leak using the latest electronic water leak detection technology and economically retrofit the old pipes usually found in older homes, and businesses with an improved epoxy pipe lining system that protects your pipes from leaking for what experts say, “over 100 years.” Since you won’t be paying for a complete repipe for you home or business, just simply relining your existing pipes with non-invasive epoxy pipe lining, we’ll save you a lot of money! Customers marvel at how fast we get the job done, and without inconveniencing you.

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