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Montgomery CIPP Drain Pipe Lining

Enjoy the benefits from having your home's drain and sewer pipes relined with state of the art CIPP lining that allows broken or cracked pipes to be replaced without the need for excavation! Call Cole Plumbing, Inc. now at (334) 279-8919 to learn more about the cost savings and efficiency of CIPP lining to repair your home's sewer and drain lines without excavating your lawn. We are Montgomery's pipe repair specialists!

Why Use CIPP to Repair Drain and Sewer Pipes?

CIPP Drain Pipe Lining Repair in Montgomery AL

CIPP, or otherwise known as cured-in-place-pipe is an inflatable pipeline material that is used to repair underground pipelines. The CIPP method is preferred because of the low costs associated with this type of job; because CIPP pipelines are basically inflatable liners, they are made to repair or patch pre-existing pipelines, as well as used for reinforcement reasons.

The Benefits of CIPP Drain Pipe Lining

CIPP liners are constructed from polyester pipelines that have been coated in resin material; these types of liners are not only flexible, but they are also strong and ensure a smooth flow. Furthermore, because CIPP liners are inserted into pre-existing pipelines, the end diameter of the line will end up being smaller. A smaller pipeline also ensures a better rate of flow, because of less friction due to the smaller diameter of the line.

How it Works: The Implementation Process

Our professional plumbing crew installs CIPP liners using top of the line equipment so your home is well taken care of. There are a few different aspects of installing the liner which includes the initial insertion, as well as the inflation. Before the CIPP liner is inserted into the pre-existing line, your technician will thoroughly coat the liner with a resin coat. Next, the pipeline is cleaned by way of power washing, and is often inspected with a camera to ensure that there are no damages before the liner is inserted.

Afterwards, the liner is inserted into the open end of the pipeline with the use of a specialized piece of insertion equipment. Next, a tool similar to an inflatable balloon is entered into the line; after the line is inflated to size, the resin is allowed to dry before the inflation tool is removed.

After the inflation tool has been removed, the pipeline can then be reconnected to the sewer system of the home or business to regain functionality. CIPP liners are also a wise choice when a homeowner or business owner needs pipeline servicing.

In need of drain or sewer pipe repair? Let us reline your home's drain & sewer pipes with CIPP lining that repairs without excavation! Call us now at (334) 279-8919!