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Montgomery Potable Water Pipe Lining Services

Remedy pipe corrosion and keep water flowing with new potable epoxy water pipe lining. Call Cole Plumbing, Inc. now at  (334) 279-8919 to make an appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today! 

Why Use Epoxy Pipe Lining?

There are two basic reasons for having pipes lined. The most obvious justification is if a leak occurs, but corrosion inside the line can also cause headaches. In the case of a leak, several things can happen. A noticeable loss of water pressure is one result of an unwanted opening in the pipe. And if water can get out of the pipe, other things can get in. Dirt and contaminants from the surrounding area can find their way into the water supply. The leaking water can also cause damage to the structure of the house. It could generate mold and decay in lumber and other materials. Even without an actual leak, corrosion in the pipes can ruin the quality of your home's water, and if it continues, it can lead to multiple leaks or even a complete collapse of a pipe.

Lead Free in 2014: Are You Ready?

On January 4, 2014, the EPA will roll out a new law to improve potable water quality: the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act. This means that all plumbing units in homes and businesses are required to be lead-free; this is specifically aimed at pipes, fixtures, fittings, solder, and flux. The mandate allows you three years to comply with the new standards.

At Cole Plumbing, we’re ready to help you comply with the EPA’s new act. We work with Nu Flow’s Nu Line system to clean your pipes and coat them with epoxy--the smart, cost effective way of keeping lead out of your water. Epoxy lining is safe on the environment and safe for your water. This process is able to cover the lead so it doesn't come in contact with your water. Thereby reducing the amount of lead in your drinking water. Following are the signs to determine if there may be lead in your home's water supply, so you can act fast to have this danger removed as soon as possible.

Signs you may have lead in your water supply:

  • Your home was built before 1986: Older homes are more likely to include lead in their pipes and fixtures.
  • Your home’s piping is made of other metal, such as copper: Lead seeps into your tap water through corroded pipes. Even new metal pipes are vulnerable to corrosion within 5-10 years. Copper pipes are known to corrode within one year!
  • You have brass faucets or fixtures: These materials tend to create direct avenues for lead to enter your water supply.

If any of these signs apply to you, don't have just any plumber tear up all of the plumbing lines in your home to fix this issue. This process is expensive, time consuming, and unnecessary. Instead, let us help you go Lead Free in 2014 the easy and cost-effective way by having us clean out the lines and coat your pipes the smart way, with epoxy lining. Call us now at  (334) 279-8919 for more information and to schedule an appointment to have your home's water inspected for lead, to ensure your home meets the new state mandate.

How it Works: The Implementation Process

After shutting off the water, the operation starts with the insertion of a fiber optic cable to observe the conditions inside the pipes and look for possible leaks. A high-pressure sprayer is then sent through the lines to clean out debris and create a smooth surface that the epoxy can bind to. Finally, the interior of the water lines are coated with epoxy resin.

The Benefits of Using Epoxy Pipe Lining

Replacing a leaking pipe under the sink may seem like a real hassle, but it's nothing compared to a pipe under the house. Just imagine having to go through a wall, a concrete slab, or several feet of dirt to get to the problem. However, there's a more beneficial and cost-effective alternative to having the line replaced that does not include having to dig up trenches in your lawn. Having water pipes lined has many advantages over trying to replace them. It is almost always cheaper than replacement. The more inaccessible the pipe, the more expensive it will be to replace. Along with the added cost, replacement takes a lot longer. Lining rarely takes more than a couple of days to complete. The resin used for lining can often outlast conventional replacement pipes. It creates a smooth, clean interior surface that resists lime build-up and won't produce its own corrosion.

Lining the pipe with epoxy saves you not just on money, but also on the length of time for the repair, so you can get back to your routine with the least disruption possible.

Are your home's drain and sewer lines corroded? Call us now at (334) 279-8919 to keep your water flowing with new potable epoxy water pipe lining!