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Faucets, Fixtures, and Sinks in Montgomery, AL and Nearby Areas

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Montgomery Sink Faucet and Fixture Installation and Repairs

The Effects of Hard Water on Your Faucets

Over time, the faucets, fixtures, and sinks in your home can start to wear out. Just like any appliance in your home, they can and will wear out, even with common every day use. Additionally, those who only have a hard water supply will experience degradation at a quicker pace. The minerals and metals in hard or unfiltered water like iron, lime, and calcium, can cause corrosion to not only pipelines, but also the faucets and fixtures of your home.

The lime and calcium will start to build-up around the edges of your faucets, within the fixture design, and will also cause insulating seals to break. Once rubber insulation seals have broken, the water will then start to leak out of the base of the fixture or faucet, furthering corrosion.

The Effects of Hard Water on Your Sink Basins

Along with bathroom and kitchen faucets, your home’s sinks can also fall victim to the build-up of a hard water supply. The build-up can cause the sinks to develop a grimy appearance, and may also cause the need for the sinks to be replaced in worst case scenarios.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will take the time to prep the area before a sink, or faucet is installed, carefully install your new fixture, and clean up after our selves, since often after the old sink or fixtures have been removed, the area will then need to be cleaned well so that the new sink or faucet can be installed properly.

In addition, our technicians stay on the cutting edge of technology with the latest training for best practices on your installation, including knowing the proper components or parts that will be needed, and have these tools available to you with easy access to complete the job professionally and efficiently so you can get back to your routine with the least disruption possible.

Cole Plumbing Faucet, Fixture, and Sink Installation, Repair, and Replacement

It’s important for to have your bathroom and kitchen faucets, fixtures, and sinks replaced when needed to avoid further damages to the surrounding structures. It’s also equally as important to make sure you have your fixtures installed by a professional plumbing company in your area to ensure that they do not suffer from any leaks, or weak water pressure soon after installation. We provide:

Water and Water Meters

In the market to replace your Montgomery, Alabama bathroom or kitchen faucet and sink with a new, upgraded model? Call Cole Plumbing, Inc. now at (334) 279-8919 to be one step closer to completing your home remodeling project today!

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