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Should I hire a plumber to help me remodel?

Plumbing Jobs That You Should Not Attempt On Your Own

Montgomery PlumberPlumbing jobs can range from extremely simple to very difficult. Many homeowners have little trouble changing a shower head or fixing a seal in the faucet. It is those intermediate jobs that seem easy on the outside that can really be costly if mistakes are made. This is often the case when any type of remodeling is being done in the home. People assume it is simple to cut pipes and extend them to accommodate the moving of appliances, but there is where the trouble only begins. This is definitely one area you should leave to the professional plumbers before attempting to do on your own.

When the hot water heater is in the garage, many homeowners prefer to move it to the corner so they can have more room to access other necessities. The project begins by cutting the copper pipe, moving the water heater and then adding new pipe to complete the connection. The problem begins when attaching that copper pipe. Unless you have experience with a blow torch you could cause those lines to rupture or leak very quickly. The problem gets worse when you are not in the garage that often, and the leak begins almost immediately. The leak could damage belongings in the garage and lead to a damaged heater.

Cutting plumbing lines in the home is even a bigger problem because many times those lines will be covered by sheetrock once the remodel is complete. If the connecting pipes were not heated by the blow torch enough to make a tight seal, water will begin leaking once the wall is sealed up. This leak might be small at first, but it only takes a few drips each day to start the growth of bacteria and mold. Once black mold begins to breed in the walls, you might not become aware of it until it is too late. Once the mold is discovered you open up yourself to a host of health issues as well as huge repair bills. If the next job you attempt requires cutting copper pipes, leave it to the professional plumbers.

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