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Should I use drain cleaning solutions to unclog my drain?

Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions to Unclog Your Drain

Clogged DrainChemicals that are used to clear a clogged drain are typically not advised for many reasons. Young children and the environment can easily be affected by consumer products with harmful ingredients. [The best option is to look for trained technicians to deal with the issue]1.  Here are a few of the reasons to avoid chemical drain cleaning solutions.

  • Poisonous to Children

    Chemical products used for plumbing problems are deadly. This means they need to be stored in places where they cannot be obtained by young children. Keeping chemical cleaners under your sink is not an acceptable solution as children will still find ways to get into locked cabinets. The best option is to stop buying chemical cleaners and remove all containers from your home.

  • ** Bad for the Environment**

    Chemicals that are poured down the drain will end up in a city sewer system or in a septic tank. Homes with septic tanks will be polluting the ground as chemicals are mixed with gray water that is in a septic tank. This water will be filtered and discharged back into the ground water supply.

  • ** Toxic Fumes**

    Chemical cleaners used to treat clogs can discharge toxic fumes into your home. This occurs when you first open the cap for a container. Breathing fumes from certain chemicals can damage the lungs and be the cause of a serious illness of even cancer later in life. This is the main reason there is a warning on a container that has harmful chemicals.

  • ** Chemical Reactions**

    Unknowing mixing different types of chemicals can result in an unexpected chemical reaction. Mixing chemicals can create a situation where a violent result could occur. The reaction of certain chemicals is dangerous if you are looking down the drain and any chemicals come back up. [Do not take any chance and avoid using chemical drain cleaners]1.

  • ** Damaged Pipes**

    Harsh chemicals that are poured down a drain can eventually corrode drain pipes. Metal pipes found in a home will start to corrode and PVC pipes may start to soften. The use of a cheap drain cleaner can be the main cause for expensive plumbing repairs in your home.

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