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Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Maintenance

Does your sump pump need maintenance?

Signs Your Sump Pump Needs MaintenanceA sump pump is a device used to prevent water buildup in the basement of a home. It is placed in a location where water can accumulate and become problematic. They work by sending water away from the home in either a dry well or storm drain. Unfortunately sump pumps can begin working improperly. Luckily there are signs to look for in order to determine whether your sump pump is in need of some maintenance. Here are the three signs your sump pump needs maintenance.

Strange Noises: If strange noises are coming from your sump pump, this should never be ignored. Noises coming from this pump is likely a sign of dirt or other foreign matter present in the system. Foreign matters or objects in a sump pump can cause clogs and damage the pump entirely. As a result, a flood may occur which can damage the foundation of your home in addition to being the cause of other problems. A quick call to your plumber can detect the problem and your plumber can clear any blockage present.

Strong Unpleasant Smells: If there is an unpleasant smell coming from the location of your sump pump maintenance is needed. A strong unpleasant odor means that there may be backed up material in the system, leaking seals or problems with the vents of your sump pump. Unpleasant smells may also be a result of mold accumulated in the area. It is important to solve the problem quickly to reduce the risk of the problem becoming a health hazard.

Rising Water: The most obvious sign that your sump pump needs maintenance is rising water. Rising water means that the system is no longer working. This may be due to a broken pump or damaged impeller.

Overall, it is very important to know the signs that your sump pump needs maintenance. If any of these problems become present call your plumber immediately to perform any maintenance needed.

Does your Montgomery home’s sump pump need maintenance? Call us at (334) 279-8919 and make an appointment today!

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