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Signs Your Sump Pump Needs To Be Repaired

Is your sump pump running up to speed?

Montgomery Sump PumpSump pumps are commonly found in buildings with a high water table that are susceptible to flooding, these pumps are used to pump excess water away from the foundations of the building and remove problems caused by water damage. When a sump pump is in need of maintenance or repair the amount of water being removed from the ground around the building is reduced and can result in a large amount of expensive repairs to the foundations of the home.

One of the main symptoms of a damaged or blocked sump pump is a change in the running noises made by the sump pump; when a property owner conducts a regular inspection of a sump pump hearing different noises than usual is the first sign a professional repair person should be called. The same is true if the property owner notices the sump pump is making a louder than usual noise, this generally means a problem has occurred within the sump pump and needs to be serviced or repaired. In general the area around a sump pump should not contain any strong odors that change when the pump is running or idle; when a strong odor is smelt when the pump is operating a professional repair is generally required.

The faults that cause problems with a sump pump are generally found in the electrical system or in blockages in the pump itself. Most professional installers of sump pumps recommend a pump being placed in a position with an electrical outlet close enough for the use of an extension cord not to be needed. When an extension cord is used the amount of power reaching the pump is reduced and the pump will generally run hot making and causing problems with the electrical system of the pump. Ensuring the sump pump used to protect a home is working to its maximum potential with regular maintenance is the best way of ensuring the pump remains working for a number of years.

Is your sump pump in need of repairs? Call us immediately at (334) 279-8919 to have your sump pump repaired quickly and efficiently!

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