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Stop wasting money on bottled water with this one easy step!

Reap the health benefits of having a water filtration system in your home

Montgomery Plumber You may have noticed that people are being more and more careful about how and where they use water. This has a lot to do with the environment, but did you know that your health is even more dependent on your water sources than your think? In general, the more water you drink the better your overall health and immune function will be. Plus, water’s cheap, so you have no reason not to intake as much as possible. But this is where you need to consider the source of all that water you are drinking and whole house water filtration system is something you should consider.

Most people take their water for granted and drink much of it straight from the tap. But consider that you may be getting hard water which contains too much calcium and magnesium. You may drink city water, which is often cleaned with chemicals like chlorine! And perhaps most dangerous of all, that delicious well water may have all kinds of sediment and bacteria. Pathogens in this water can carry all kinds of diseases. People frequently become sick not just from drinking this water, but by preparing food with water which is unfiltered and even just by bathing in it.

Montgomery Water Filtration System More and more, people are buying bottled water, but cases of that tasty spring water add up at the cash register, not to mention that even if you are recycling, it’s hard to argue that it can’t technically be good for the environment since all that plastic will end up somewhere someday.

Those water filtering pitchers you place in your fridge are nice, and better than nothing, but they are only a half measure in protecting your family from unhealthy water.

If those options don’t sound good, you should consider the alternative of installing a whole house filtration system. Whole house water filtration systems can be installed in as quickly as one afternoon, they are small and they will end up saving you money. Your water will be 100% clean, protecting you from any water-born chemicals or other things that negatively impact your health and your peace of mind will add to your mental health.

Looking to install a whole house water filtration system in your Montgomery, AL home? Call Cole Plumbing Inc. at (334) 279-8919 and start enjoying the benefits of healthier and cleaner water today!

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